ICE ROAD TERROR (2011) Reviews and overview of monster movie

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‘The highway to hell is paved with ice’

Ice Road Terror is a 2011 American monster movie about a prehistoric creature that terrorises miners, two truckers and a female scientist.

Directed by Terry Ingram (Chupacabra vs. the Alamo; Nightmare 2007; Earthquake in New York) from a screenplay written by Keith Shaw (Avalanche Sharks; Dracano; Malibu Shark Attack; Deep Evil; The Thing Below).


The ARO Entertainment-Hybrid co-production stars Brea Grant (The Stylist; Lucky; All the Creatures Were Stirring; Beyond the Gates), Ty Olsson, Dylan Neal, Malcolm Stewart, Michael Hogan and Merrilyn Gann.


“Actors seem comfortable in their parts, and Brea Grant has such a great smile, it practically makes you stay glued to the screen the whole time. So, if you’re into monster movies, give this one a look. CGI is not that bad here, and overall, it’s an enjoyable little SyFy movie.” BZ Film

“A rousing opening introducing the beast of the week gradually gives way to a strictly boilerplate Syfy monster movie that is competently made yet not a whole lot of fun to watch […] I honestly have no complaints about the performers, the direction, or the script here. Ice Road Terror is an earnest b-grade monster movie not striving for camp that’s biggest failing is it being blandly generic.” Dread Central


“Sure, there were the usual shortcomings such as a CGI monster that looked like ass, but even he was better than expected, and the movie was filled with plenty of unnecessarily painful melodrama […] But the performances were actually pretty good […] I enjoyed the fact that the monster was a virtual bottomless pit of people guzzling…” Film Critics United

“Pretty much all of your generic characters are present in a film of this caliber. The nice guy, the pretty but troubled girl, the hick with butch wife, etc, etc. At least none of them were too annoying or outlandish, so you didn’t wish death down upon them as aggressively as with other SyFy characters.” Horror Society


“If you’re a fan of cheesy bad movies, like me, this one has everything you could possibly want: a mostly no-name cast culled from a recently popular TV show, cheaper than cheap CGI, and buckets upon buckets of fake blood and rubber body parts. I would mention the plot but, well, there wasn’t much of one, and most of the plot points along the way made hardly a lick of sense.” Sci-Fi Scary

“Despite a low rating it was entertaining enough for me, but it is not well made, lacks consistency in the script and ultimately will probably be a letdown for most, especially if you’ve seen a lot of SyFy movies then it is simply not going to offer as much.” Toxic Fletch


Cast and characters:

Brea Grant … Rachel Harris
Ty Olsson … Jack Simmons
Dylan Neal … Neil Conroy
Malcolm Stewart … Karl Kruger
Michael Hogan … Terry Lowman
Merrilyn Gann … Beryl Lowman
David Lyle … Tanner
William Belleau … Tyee
Jim Shield … Heath Reid
Don Thompson … Dan Sparkman
Sean Owen Roberts … Krem (as Sean O. Roberts)
Donavon Stinson … Trucker

Filming locations:

Britannia Beach, Pitt Meadows and Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

87 minutes

Syfy promo:

Trailer [1080p]:

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