ALONE WITH YOU (2021) Reviews and overview of paranoia horror

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Alone with You is a 2021 horror-thriller film about a young woman tormented in her apartment by voices, shadows, and hallucinations. Having been preparing a romantic homecoming for her girlfriend, their apartment now feels more like a tomb and she must reveal a truth she has been unwilling to face.

Written and directed by Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks as their feature debut, the American Untapped production also stars Bennett, alongside horror icon Barbara Crampton (You’re Next, Jakob’s Wife; Re-Animator), Dora Madison and Emma Myle. Produced by Andrew Corkin and Theo James.


” …poses plenty of questions and gives us a number of scenarios and clues to what the true nature of this story is and the wicked fun is the guessing game. Alone With You is a dark character study with some nightmarish imagery.” Bloody Flicks

“It’s a dreamy mood piece whose visual essays on toxic partnerships and self-denial are open to interpretation. Alone with You doesn’t possess the scope to make a big splash […] will either hit your slow-burn sweet spot or merely lull you into a yawn.” Culture Crypt

Alone with You is not to be missed. Well-acted and skillfully executed, it’s filled with moments of fear, dread, and uncertainty. Charlie is being haunted, but by what? There is a truth at the heart of this story that is as terrifying as anything that she sees within the walls of her apartment, but it will take time for her to fully understand it.” Daily Dead

“This one might play with your sanity in ways that get a bit irritating. However, it definitely also has something about it that kept me hooked. As strong as the ending was, it would have been stronger if the overall editing had been tighter. Also, you will definitely want to check out this one for Barbara Crampton who is always amazing!” Heaven of Horror

” …a nifty little thriller that isn’t short on surprise […] Establishing mood and sustaining suspense is difficult so credit goes to Brooks and Bennett because they clearly know what they’re doing.  At 83 minutes, the film still feels a tad long and without the material to totally justify that length…but hey, horror legend Barbara Crampton makes a cameo and with that, all is forgiven.” The MN Movie Man

“All in all, with Alone Bennett and Brooks could terrify you multiple times but don’t. It’s in reserve. Most of their scenes are either on edge, red herrings or something of the Hitchcockian flavor. I was teased one minute and then felt chills down my leg the other. I hope I’m not “alone” in this inference.” *** Views on Film

” …as an exercise in claustrophobia and paranoia, it’s really hard to find much to fault about Alone with You. It makes a rather large, nicely furnished apartment feel like a prison cell, or as the film goes on, a tomb. Brooks, who was also the cinematographer, does a great job of accentuating the shadows and choosing the right angles to help make it feel like the apartment is closing in on Charlie…” Voices from the Balcony


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