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Post Apocalyptic Commando Shark is a 2018 science fiction action comedy film about an army of half-man and half-shark superhuman soldiers.

Written, directed by and co-starring Sam Qualiana (Lake Effect; The Legend of Six Fingers; Snow Shark: Ancient Snow Beast).

The American Metroshia Productions movie also stars Mick O’Keefe, Andrew Elias, Sam Qualiana, Chris Cosgrave, John Karyus, Arlowe Price, Claudia Rochon and Debbie Rochon.


In the post-apocalyptic future, the world is at war. The newly recreated Soviet Russian Army has invaded the USA with the assistance of an evil German scientist who has created an army of superhuman soldiers, half-man and half-shark



“Yes, it’s overacted! Yes, it has bad special effects. But all that has a point! It wouldn’t be so funny if the Commando Sharks were top-notch makeup effects. What’s fun about it is that the story is utterly absurd and that the rest of the production follows the same principle. It’ll take a very special kind of audience to appreciate it though.” Active Context

“All of this could have worked if the humour had lifted the exercise up. However, Sam Qualiana fails at this as much as he does at general filmmaking. The level of the film is down around that of pantomime with broad performances consisting of people doing things with deliberate and loud ridiculousness with the belief that audiences will find it funny. It isn’t.” Moria


” …the production of the movie was just abysmal. Everything was stereotypical, and it was essentially just a bunch of chunky Americans running around making a low-budget amateurish movie. The shark was just hilarious. It was so bad to look at that you have to watch it to believe it.” Paul Haakonsen

Cast and characters:

Simeon Qualiana … Marty Warbuck
Mick O’Keefe … Dermot Jackson Washington
Andrew Elias … Alfonzo Itani
Sam Qualiana … Siegfried Schröder
Chris Cosgrave … Wolfgang Sokolov
John Karyus … Dante
Arlowe Price … Meatball
Claudia Rochon … Agatha Hudson
Debbie Rochon … Sergeant Diane Packert
C.J. Qualiana … Buck Morgan
Michael O’Hear … General William Spark
Andy Taylor … Captain Bubba Dick Henry
Jeff Toldi … Russian Soldier #1 / Boroslav
Sam Jindra … Roxanne
J.P. Edwards … Dwayne
Marcus Ganci-Rotella … Chip
Linda Mesi … Cliff
Bob Bozek … Homeless Mayor Shawn Overman
Robert A. Coldicott … Dilbert

Technical details:

83 minutes

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