SHARK ZONE (2003) Reviews and overview

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Shark Zone is a 2003 action horror film about a stash of diamonds at the bottom of part of the ocean populated by Great White sharks.

Directed by Danny Lerner from a screenplay written by Sam Parish based on a story by Lerner. Produced by Boaz Davidson, George Gale, Danny Lerner and David Varod.


The American-Bulgarian Martien Holdings-Millennium Films co-production stars Dean Cochran, Alan Austin, Brandi Sherwood, Velizar Binev and Luke Leavitt.

A secret fortune in diamonds lies at the bottom of the ocean but the treasure is also home to a school of deadly Great White sharks. Only one man knows the truth when a group of divers is attacked while searching for the loot. Now, the sharks are hunting swimmers on a nearby beach. The slaughter will continue until someone believes him…

Shark Zone is a slight bit better than the more recent string of genre films. It takes itself just seriously enough to find a modest feel for terror rather than so many of today’s productions that are more concerned with a gimmick or two.”

“This had a few decent moments, but overall, it was kinda lame and the plot had too much silliness about it for me. Once again, there’s way too much going on to try and tie it all up. Can’t we just have the killer sharks and deal with that?”

“Entire sequences are lifted from earlier Shark Attack films. Nu Image approached this like the American producers of Power Rangers approached the Japanese show. Re-do all the talking scenes, but keep most of the expensive special effect scenes intact. This gets pretty ludicrous as it builds up.” The Creature Feature Bleachers

“The main problem is the plotline, which is essentially two films in one, the jewel-recovery and then the rampaging sharks, and only the rampaging sharks one works because it provides lots of creature attacks and plenty of gore with the live-action, real-sea footage intercut with the prosthetic shark head, whereas the jewel-recovery is just boring…” Don’s World of Horror and Exploitation

“There were a lot of shark attacks in this flick. The sharks were gluttonous pigs. They couldn’t eat enough bathers at their beach buffet. Most of the shark attacks were film clips of real sharks swimming and then a lot of thrashing and yelling and red water to simulate the kill.” Dr Gore’s Movie Reviews

“I had hoped that Shark Zone would borrow some of its predecessor’s batshit lunacy and have Jimmy cross paths with the shark that ate his old man during the climax, but, no dice. Instead, the ending mostly consists of the type of stuff you’d see on a made for TNT movie: badly choreographed punching and kicking and a pretty cool explosion…” Oh, the Horror!

“As if the sharks weren’t bad enough! Dialogue and acting are atrocious and between Dean Cochran constantly spouting off facts about sharks that we already know and some puke-inducing quotes such as “you’re my hero, dad,” I think I’d rather hear the sharks roaring a bit more.” Popcorn Pictures

Shark Zone has a busy script, and this makes the pacing tight. I appreciate how, in every other scene, someone’s practising an aquatic sport. There’s a lightness to this story that compensates for the awful gangster subplot I didn’t dig. Shark Zone hits and misses, but it’s not a bad sequel.” Tales of Terror


Technical details:
91 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

The shark footage was culled from previous Danny Lerner Shark Attack productions.

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