MONSTER ISLAND (2021) Preview of creature feature with two trailers



Monster Island is a 2021 Chinese creature feature film about four biologists trapped with a variety of super-sized predators.


During the war a few decades ago, a certain country conducted biological experiments on a small island – the Behemoth Island – and dumped a large amount of experimental waste.

After more than seventy years of evolution, all the creatures on the island have become genetically mutations. The ants are as big as a small dog, and super spiders, super centipedes, mega mosquitos and a giant King Kong (gorilla) are all amazingly large in size.

Four young biologists go to the island for adventure. At the top of the food chain on this small island, there is a giant behemoth: a two-headed python. The two-headed python is very smart. It thinks that humans have come to the island to occupy its territory. So, it does everything possible to kill the four young people.

In the end, can humans defeat the two-headed python? Can the eighteen-meter-high super giant King Kong (gorilla) help humans defeat the two-headed giant python together? What life and death adventures did the four young biologists experience? [loosely translated from Chinese]


Original title:

巨兽岛 “Behemoth Island”

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Trailer 1 [NB: the music has been changed to avoid a copyright claim]:

Trailer 2:


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