WE ARE WEREWOLVES 2 (2021) Preview of sci-fi actioner


We Are Werewolves 2 is a 2021 science fiction action film in which mad scientists continue experimenting to create new monsters. It is obviously a sequel to We Are Werewolves (2021).

Directed by Li Jia and Qi-Lun from a screenplay co-written by Li Jia A and Rui Tao. The Chinese production stars Zhang Kaitai, Xu Jiawen, Ren Siqi and Xu Dongdong.


Luna, the second-level werewolf, accidentally met Jiang Le while performing a mission. Luna mistakenly thought that Jiang Le was a werewolf who escaped from the laboratory with her brother Tara seven years ago, and Ryan Technology wants to dig the wolf tomb again.

The information was handed over to him. Jiang Le realised that these materials were related to his biological father, and sneaked into Lion Technology’s team of excavating the wolf tomb. The excavation of the wolf tomb was full of dangers.

With the successful excavation of the remains of the wolf queen, a fierce anti-gravity shock was triggered. In order to snatch the remains of the wolf queen, the werewolves fought in chaos. Lion Technology snatched the remains of the wolf queen and cruelly injected the active genes from the wolf queen placenta into Luna’s body, and Luna gave birth to a deformed little wolf monster.

Jiang Le, Luna, and Tara worked together to kill the little wolf monster and let Luna completely get rid of the control of the laboratory. At the same time, the wolf king gene in Jiang Le’s body was completely awakened… [translated from Chinese]


Original title:

狼人杀 aka Lángrén shā “Werewolf”

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