WE ARE WEREWOLVES (2021) Preview of sci-fi action horror – free to watch online



We Are Werewolves is a 2021 Chinese science fiction action horror film about a righteous werewolf and an organization of evil humans. In a collision between justice and evil, humanity and science, the film raises questions about the morality of artificial intelligence and genetic modification.

A sequel, We Are Werewolves 2, has already been filmed.

Directed by Xu Huilin, the movie stars Zhang Kaitai, Xu Jiawen, Ren Siqi and Xu Dongdong.


Werewolves with different skills at all levels, a mysterious organization that covers the sky with one hand, the remains of the ancient wolf king buried deep in the ground, and the appalling genetic modification of the human body…


The relationship between the righteous werewolf and the evil human organization is revealed. In the justice camp, there are both Jiang Le (played by Zhang Kaitai), who is born with a natural ability and a werewolf gene, and Luna (played by Xu Jiawen), a second-level werewolf with strong self-healing ability and self-consciousness; they are for justice and freedom.


While in the evil group there is the calm and decisive wolf beauty Luo Lingsha (Xu Dongdong) and Doctor Zhong (Xiao Daiqing). A long battle that will rage throughout the night and on until dawn begins…



Release date:

The film premiered exclusively on Tencent Video on April 29, 2021.

Original title:

狼人杀·启源 “Werewolf: Qiyuan”

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