GO STRAIGHT TO HELL (2022) Preview of ‘sins’ anthology


Go Straight to Hell is a 2022 anthology horror film composed of three vignettes and a wraparound story based around sins.

Directed by Rachel E. Hoffman – making her feature directorial debut – (actress in Axe2Grind; The House That Eats Flesh) from a screenplay by Scott C. Sanford with additional dialogue by Matt Gulbranson and Dane Keil. Produced by Russ Andrade, Thomas Kerr, Stephen Nemeth and Rheanon Nicole. Supervising producer Scott C. Sanford.

The Seraph Productions movie stars Diana Prince (Devil’s Triangle; The Barn Part II; Bunnyman Vengeance; Frankenstein Created Bikers), Cortney Palm, Erin Marie Garrett, Maggie Wagner, Hannah Smith, Mark D Valenti, Matt Gulbranson and Rachel E. Hoffman.


Three recently deceased characters find themselves in Purgatory awaiting a sin cleansing so that they may enter Heaven. They have been gathered to review and relive the one sin that they have failed to repent while on Earth, which is so heinous, it may send them straight to Hell. However, nothing is what it seems as these people may be misrepresenting themselves…

Cast and characters:

Diana Prince … Rita
Cortney Palm … Nurse Gwen
Erin Marie Garrett … The Guide
Maggie Wagner … Connie Rawlings
Hannah Smith … Chloe
Mark D Valenti … Doctor Gary Palmer
Matt Gulbranson … Kyle Jennings
Rachel E. Hoffman … Bonnie
Brandon Krum … Bobby Simons
Angel Nichole Bradford … Stacey
Sushii Xhyvette Holder … Inessa (as ‘Sushi’ Xhyvette Holder)
Lydia Manson … Trish
Ava Groves … Celeste
John C. Bailey … Marcel Carpano
Colton Baumgartner … Drew
Craig Sapenoff … Solomon
Danny Cashman … Miles
Steve Holiskey … Brian the landlord
Amy Lovin … Lacy
Daniel Gulbranson … Ronald

Filming locations:

Jesup, Georgia


There is currently no trailer available for Go Straight to Hell because the film is still in production. Please bookmark this website and return again soon for updated production information, the first teaser/trailer, release date and the first review/reviews.

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