DOUBLE THREAT (2022) Preview of Dawn Olivieri action thriller



‘Those who chase her will pay the price’

Double Threat is a 2022 American action crime thriller about a young woman who is on the run from the police and mobsters she stole from. She becomes entangled with a young man who is on a pilgrimage across the country to scatter his brother’s ashes.

Directed and co-produced by Shane Stanley from a screenplay written by co-producer CJ Walley. Also produced by Neil Chisholm, Kurt Patino, Danielle C. Ryan.

The Rolling Thunder Films-Aesthetic Entertainment-Rebelle Rouser co-production stars Dawn Olivieri (Darc; Traffik; Den of Thieves; The Last Witch Hunter; The Vampire Diaries series; Hydra), Matthew Lawrence, Danielle C. Ryan, Kevin Joy, Andrea Logan and Mo Gallini.



After skimming money from the mob, a young woman named Ask (Dawn Olivieri) finds herself on the run with a kind stranger on a pilgrimage across the country to scatter his brother’s ashes. In the heat of the moment, it becomes clear that her split personality comes in handy as the ruthless, dynamic side of her is unstoppable…



A release date for Double Threat has yet to be announced.

Cast and characters:

Dawn Olivieri … Ask
Matthew Lawrence … Jimmy
Danielle C. Ryan … Natasha
Kevin Joy … Ellis
Andrea Logan … Roxanne
Mo Gallini … Tommy Lombardo
David Castro … Rancher
Val Barri … Server
Aimey Beer … Second Knight
Larry Krask … Barman
Dmitriy Karas … Third Knight
Darth Rimmer … First Knight
Heath Hammond … English Archer
Hannah Jeyarajah … Larper
Colton Alfred … Warehouse Goon
Christopher Riordan … Airport Goon
Jordan Mercer … Warehouse Goon

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1


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