THE ELECTRIC MAN (2022) Reviews of psychedelic sci-fi movie

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The Electric Man is a 2022 science fiction film about a man that suffers a 12,000-volt shock leading to reality becoming a psychedelic blur.

Written and directed by B. Luciano Barsuglia (Impact Event; Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Aaron’s House; Zombie Farm; Dementia: An Experiment in Terror). Co-produced by Betty Barsuglia, Chris Giese, Hans Hernke, Kashif Khan, Todd Plesco and Joseph Pozo.

The Koa Aloha Media production stars Jed Rowen, James Di Giacomo, Tom Sizemore, Vernon Wells, Eric Roberts, Rachel Riley, Hans Hernke, Tanamin Clark and Elissa Dowling.

” …writer/director B. Luciano Barsuglia’s story takes us down a more philosophical (dare I say “spiritual”) route. I liken it to those times I was with friends in a living room and just shooting the s**t about reality (alternate or otherwise) and the consequences of these choices. Our minds can go into some bizarre and mind-blowing directions, which is precisely where Barsuglia takes us.” 7/10 Film Threat

“A pretty unusual film that manages to at the same time be slightly brain-heavy science fiction with some philosophical depth – but on the other hand, it’s also pretty funny, basically because the film understands to explore the endless possibilities of its main theme to maximum entertainment effect […] a very enjoyable flick.” Search My Trash


“What The Electric Man does have is some interesting ideas and dialogue about life, how we live it and the choices we make. Or whether we even have the ability to choose or if everything is predestined and fated […] But there’s a vein of humour through a lot of the film that keeps it from getting too ponderous and heavy, a fairly impressive task given the material at hand.” 3.5/5 Voices from the Balcony



Cast and characters:
Jed Rowen … Trace McNeil
James Di Giacomo … Quinn
Tom Sizemore … Jace
Vernon Wells … Doogie
Eric Roberts … Mr Manson
Rachel Riley … Rose
Hans Hernke … Father Andrew
Tanamin Clark … Luke
Elissa Dowling … Mrs Manson
Paul Bradford … Eli Houseman
Kasey Brown … Zach
Paul Bunnell … Rob Tannen
Kelley Daniel … Tyler
Joseph Pozo … Daniel
Dave Shecter … Dispatch Dave
Ames Tiedeman … Axl

Filming locations:
Huntington Beach, California


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