THE LAST MARK (2022) Review of action crime thriller – now with another clip

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‘Killing is easy. Until it gets complicated.’

The Last Mark is a 2022 Canadian action crime thriller film about a hitman who suddenly develops a crisis of conscience.

Directed by Reem Morsi from a screenplay by Cheryl Meyer based on a story co-written with Bruno Marino.

The movie stars Alexia Fast, Shawn Doyle, Josh Cruddas, Bryce Hodgson and Jonas Chernick.


An ageing and self-loathing hitman, Keele (Shawn Doyle), is tasked to kill a witness who can link him and his psychotic partner, Palmer, to a recent murder. This routine execution falls apart as Keele struggles with pulling off his task due to a crisis of conscience. He quickly discovers that his new mark, Peyton (Alexia Fast), is the most difficult target of his career…


“There’s a decent sense of timing at play, with the performances (especially Hodgson) mining some surprising laughs out of their characters’ predicaments. While it may not be revolutionary, Morsi’s direction and the cast’s solid performances elevate a meandering script and infuse the morality play with enough character to make it engaging.”

” …a reasonably good atmosphere and visual style. Despite the fact that the budget is very unlikely to be there, the film still manages to have a very professional look, which would make it interesting to see what director Reem Morsi would be able to do even more if they had a higher budget and better script. would have at its disposal.” Seal_Team1138 [translated from Dutch]

Release date:

The Last Mark was released in the USA On-Demand (VOD) by Epic Pictures Group on February 25th 2022.

Cast and characters:

Alexia Fast … Peyton
Shawn Doyle … Keele
Josh Cruddas … Doug
Bryce Hodgson … Palmer
Jonas Chernick … Eli
Jasmin Geljo … Oslo
Diane Johnstone … Mike’s Mom
Andre Richards … Mike


Assassination clip:

“Argentina” clip:

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