IMPACT EVENT (2018) reviews and overview


‘Survive at all costs’

Impact Event is a 2018 American science fiction horror feature film about the survivors of a post-meteoric apocalypse holed up in a former funhouse. The group must fight off cannibalistic killers.

Directed by B. Luciano Barsuglia (Virus of the Undead: Pandemic Outbreak; Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Zombie Farm; Dementia: An Experiment in Terror), the Koa Aloha Media production stars Margaret O’Brien (Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill!; Frankenstein Rising), Michael Berryman (The Devil’s Rejects; Teenage Exorcist; The Hills Have Eyes and sequel), Vernon Wells (Fortress; Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior) and Richard Grieco (Art of the Dead; Raiders of the Damned).


Impact Event is a major disappointment. It absolutely blew the potential it may have had for cheap shots and cheap laughs. There’s nothing remotely scary once you get past the vaguest concept of the subject matter, which again, sounds like it was chosen by pulling themes out of a hat.” Horror Buzz

“None of the film’s name performers have more than five minutes of screen time. Or are in scenes with any of the main cast. Wells and O’Brien’s characters don’t interact with any of the other characters at all. Even by guest casting standards that’s bad. Even if they had more screen time it wouldn’t have helped. Impact Event is a slow, talky mess with nothing going for it.” Voices from the Balcony


Impact Event is available on DVD and VOD from April 7, 2020, from Wild Eye Releasing.

Cast and characters:

Margaret O’Brien … Amanda
Michael Berryman … Raymond
Vernon Wells … Ed
Richard Grieco … Justice Outlaw
Chalet Lizette Brannan … Julie
Jed Rowen … Gordon
Hans Hernke … Alpha
Randal Malone … RJ Malone
Zan Alda … Jacob Wilson
Tasha Tacosa … Cassie
Chi-Lan Lieu … Sarah Chau
Barry Jay Minoff … David
Justin P. Warren … Grady
Joseph Pozo … Henry
Carmine Giordano … Pat

Technical details:

102 minutes