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‘Heaven is falling, so Earth must move’

Asteroid vs Earth is a 2014 American science fiction disaster movie about a shower of massive meteors that can wipe out our planet.

Directed by Christopher Ray (Assault on VA-33; 5-Headed Shark Attack; Mega Shark vs. Kolossus; 2-Headed Shark Attack) Fred Olen Ray‘s son, from a screenplay written by Adam Lipsius.

The movie stars Tia Carrere (Collision Course; Dark Honeymoon; Zombie Nightmare), Jason Brooks, Tim Russ, Darin Cooper, Robert R. Shafer, Craig Blair, Robert Davi (License to Kill), Gerald Webb, Melvin Gregg, Theresa June-Tao and Wade F. Wilson.



Asteroid vs Earth shows all of the hallmark signs of a bad Asylum movie — poor and frequently laughable visual effects, dull dialogue, flat characters, even obviously phoney guns — but it also commands the screen far better than most of its peers churned out of the same factory, finding a little more depth, quality storytelling, decent acting, and even excitement.”

“Davi probably has the least amount to do as he’s stuck in a situation room through most of it, but Tia Carrere and Tim Russ both have to sell some questionable scenes on a submarine set […] The effects in this aren’t half bad. Some of the more practical shots are actually what work against the CG effects.” Cinefessions

“Scenes drag on too long, pacing is off-kilter, there doesn’t seem to be any order to anything going on before us, and despite the plethora of action we still ended up nodding off every once in a while […] Look, if you don’t regularly watch this type of junk, Earth vs Asteroid isn’t going to bring you into the fold. If you do, it’s about par for the course. Acceptable terribleness.” Film Critics United

“The amateurish CGI in no way sells the film’s outlandish premise. Neither do the stars, which include Wayne’s World sexpot Tia Carrere as a deep-sea geophysicist and Baywatch’s Jason Brooks as the executive officer of a nuclear submarine sent to blast the tectonic plates. Even the makeup is bad in this movie.” Johnny LaRue’s Crane Shot

“The acting ranges from doing the paycheck to doing it for fun or no reason and it’s clear to see why Tia, Robert and Tim are acting uninterested.” The Ludovico Technique

Cast and characters:

Tia Carrere … Marissa Knox
Jason Brooks … Lt. Commander Chase Seward
Tim Russ … Captain Rogers
Darin Cooper … Chief of the Boat
Robert R. Shafer … Lt. Rouse (as Bobby Ray Shafer)
Craig Blair … Terry
Robert Davi … General Masterson
Gerald Webb … Chief Warrant Officer Mason
Melvin Gregg … Sonar Lead Petty Officer
Theresa June-Tao … Navigator
Jose Rosete … Gunnery Sergeant Luiz Zuniga
James Le Feuvre … Marine Private Guide
Shamar Sanders … Marine Corporal Metal
Wade F. Wilson … Lt. Rudy
Brett R. Miller … NSA Team Leader
Malik McCall … Major Sera
Charles Byun … Evan Kitsias
Bill Voorhees … Bartender
Clint Lamb … Sergei, Russian Chief
Franck Amiack … European Chief
Tian Wang … Admiral Se’s Translator
Tahera Christy … Rudy’s Mom
Jillian Larson … Marie Masterson
Steve Chua … Admiral Se


Full film free to watch online [1080p HD]:

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