MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM (2012) Reviews and overview

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Mongolian Death Worm

‘Death rises from deep below’
Mongolian Death Worm is a 2010 made-for-TV horror film directed by Steven R. Monroe (I Spit on Your Grave) from a screenplay written by co-producer Neil Elman (House of the Witch; Lavalantula and sequel; I Spit on Your Grave 2; Caved In; et al) and Kevin Leeson. The movie stars Sean Patrick Flanery (High Moon; Lasso; The Evil Within; et al), Victoria Pratt (Brotherhood of Blood; Kraken; House of the Dead 2) and George Cheung.

When an American oil company sets up an experimental drilling plant out in the vast deserts of Mongolia, they are completely oblivious to what actually lies beneath them. Pumping hot water deep into the ground, the company is hoping to expose untapped oil, but what they end up uncovering is something no one ever expected.

As the superheated water plummets its way into the earth, it strikes a nest of deadly creatures that have been dormant for centuries. Thought to be purely mythological, these monsters are in fact real… and now they have been awakened! They are angry and they are bloodthirsty…

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Death Worm 3

“Bad movies fanatics will have no problem consuming the massive amount of cheese caked all over Steven R. Monroe’s brisk little monster movie. And while “Worm” certainly doesn’t redefine the genre, it should give SyFy original movie aficionados exactly what they’re craving.” Beyond Hollywood

<“The treasure hunt and oil refinery trouble take center stage over the worms until the closing minutes. Prior to that the worms appear at random intervals to randomly kill random people and then either slither away or get blown up. The low budgets of these Syfy movies never fail to hinder the amount of monster action…” Dread Central


Cast and characters:
Sean Patrick Flanery … Daniel
Victoria Pratt … Alicia
George Cheung … Timur
Drew Waters … Patrick
Matthew Tompkins … Mr Bixler
Nate Rubin … Phillip
Jon Mack … Steffi
Tiger Sheu … Bana
Ryan Manalansan … Tali
Cheryl Chin … Thuan
Billy Blair … Kowlan
Jay Serra … Smuggler
Fouatchao Moua … Worker #1
Lieu Tran … Old Woman
Andrew Stevens … Jackson

Filming locations:
Dallas, Texas


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