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Wrong Place is a 2022 American crime thriller about a former cop who has to fight back against a crime lord who wants to silence him.

Directed by Mike Burns (Out of Death) from a screenplay written by Bill Lawrence. Produced by Randall Emmett, George Furla, Ceasar Richbow, Mark Stewart and Chad A. Verdi.

The movie stars Bruce Willis (American SiegeApexMidnight in the SwitchgrassOut of DeathHard KillCosmic SinBreachDie Hard franchise), Ashley Greene (Burying the Ex; The Apparition; Twilight franchise), Michael Sirow, Texas Battle, Stacey Danger and Massi Furlan.

Frank (Bruce Willis), a retired police chief of a small town, finds himself being hunted down by a meth kingpin seeking to silence him before he can deliver eyewitness testimony against him. However, the drug dealer finds himself up against more than he bargained for when he threatens to harm Frank’s daughter (Ashley Greene).

“There’s not a lot to the endeavor beyond half-speed chases and acts of stupidity, and when one genuinely unexpected event occurs mid-movie, the production immediately ruins it by pretending it never happened, fearful of losing viewers by eliminating perhaps the only reason they’re watching such nonsense. Wrong Place is as worthless and tiresome as Out of Death…” Blu-ray.com

“While Wrong Place is typical of most of Emmett’s movies of this ilk (meaning it’s not well made, well written, or well acted), Willis holds his own. Unlike other collaborations the two have worked on in which the plot has Willis confined to a hospital bed or tied to a chair for most of the movie, with most of the other characters carrying much of the weight, he’s definitely the star here.” Common Sense Media

“Everyone stumbles about in the woods for the last half hour. People we think are dead turn up still alive with a couple of exceptions that won’t surprise anyone. Wrong Place ends on a note that is supposed to be sentimental but most viewers will be overjoyed that it’s finally over. If they’re not nauseated at how contrived it feels.” 1 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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