OUT OF DEATH (2021) Reviews and overview of Jaime King, Bruce Willis thriller



‘Justice is a moving target’

Out of Death is a 2021 American thriller film in which a witness is placed in peril when she sees corrupt cops running a shady operation.

Directed by Mike Burns – making his feature debut – from a screenplay written by Bill Lawrence. The movie stars Jaime King (Silent Night; Mother’s Day 2010; My Bloody Valentine 2009; The Tripper), Bruce Willis (Midnight in the Switchgrass;  Hard KillCosmic SinBreachDie Hard franchise), Lala Kent, Kelly Greyson and Tyler Jon Olson.



“It appears to be a victim of COVID. A movie filmed with restrictions that severely hampered the process. Perhaps, it would have been a better idea to not film the movie? In a different time, we might have received a more entertaining product. Instead, Out of Death is a disaster and one of Willis’ worst DTV efforts.” Bulletproof Action


“After achieving a successful career in the Music Department, Mike Burns marks his debut as the director of Out of Death. He did cast to raise some eyebrows, but An A-list Actor isn’t everything that compiles a film. Mike’s debut film isn’t well-made. It is without any objective, but still, it stimulates some emotion by the end.” Digital Mafia Talkies

“Director Mike Burns is clearly having fun out in the country making a good cop / bad cop film with a host of unknowns (and Willis), bad CGI blood, shooting guns, rolling down slopes and channelling Quentin Tarantino with the use of chapters, but there’s not enough here to warrant a feature film’s worth of action for audiences to invest in.” Flickering Myth

“If you’ve seen other recent Willis “starring” films put out direct to DVD and digital then you know what to expect from Out of Death; it’s all very much the same formula as before – a younger lead, helped out by a cameoing Willis, with scenery-chewing villains all wrapped up neatly with a happy ending. As such your mileage may vary…” Nerdly

Out of Death starts with scenes from the middle of the film before going back to the start. That, as much as I dislike it, is pretty standard these days. However, we get to the final confrontation and then the film flashes back to reveal some vital information as to how we got there. It not only feels like a cheat, it’s counterproductive.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Jaime King … Shannon Mathers
Bruce Willis … Jack Harris
Lala Kent … Billie Stanhope
Kelly Greyson … Pam Harris
Tyler Jon Olson … Tom Rivers
Megan Leonard … Joanne Kern
Kayla Eva … News Reporter
Michael Sirow … Hank Rivers
Oliver Trevena … Jimmy

Technical details:

95 minutes

Fun facts:

In an interview with Vulture, director Mike Burns said that they planned to have Bruce Willis shoot all of his scenes across two days. However, due to COVID-19 shutdowns, Willis could only be on set for one day. Therefore, they filmed all of his scenes in a single day. Due to COVID restrictions, the entire film was shot in just nine days.


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