WOLFWOOD (2020) Reviews of sci-fi found-footage horror

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Wolfwood is a 2022 British sci-fi found-footage horror film about a young woman who is haunted by childhood trauma and her father’s death. Also known as Wolf Wood

Directed, co-produced and co-starring Harry Boast (The Hollow World; The Enemy) from a screenplay written by co-producer Philip Boast. Executive produced by Caylee Coote.

The Turnshoe Productions movie also stars Rhian Williams, James Bryant, Mandy Rose and Steve Grey.

Haunted by her childhood trauma, Ferrall hid memories of that terrifying Wolfwood night and her father’s death even from herself. Now she has discovered a pattern of evil stalking Wolfwood, and to face her guilt she will now take her revenge…



” …abysmal soul-sucking excuse of a movie. 60% of this film is people filming the woods at night chanting “Ferrell? Ferrell! Ferrell!” and the other 40% is people I don’t know talking about events that I don’t care about.” Brandy Stoddard

“Boast’s film is both frustrating and interesting in equal measures. It utilises rather tired alien abduction themes and borrows some of its story from Predator (1987), but its execution is well done; it’s one of the few ‘FF’ movies that didn’t eventually bore me. Partly that’s down to the economic 73-minute running time, and also the sheer awkwardness of what’s happening.” Dark Eyes of London

“In the pantheon of sh-tty and thoughtless found footage movies, this may be one of the most torturous to sit through, offering next to nothing for its value, even as a “free” watch on Prime.” Dustin Baker


Wolfwood had some potential given the British countryside and performances involved, but the story was just messy and confusing […] this was a very rough watch. The movie was only 73 minutes, but boy, what a tough 73 minutes that was.” 2 out of 10, Jiggy’s Horror Corner

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Cast and characters:
Rhian Williams … Ferrall
James Bryant … Sam
Mandy Rose … Tasha
Harry Boast … Dom
Steve Grey … Father

Technical details:
1 hour 13 minutes
Audio: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD

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