GIVERS OF DEATH aka G.O.D. (2020) Post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller with teaser

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‘Peace kills’
Givers of Death is a 2020 American apocalyptic sci-fi film about redemption. It is the journey of a man, a detective, and an entire city’s quest for peace. The man seeks peace through atonement, the detective through revenge and the city through resolution. Also known as G.O.D.

Written, co-produced and directed by Addison Henderson (The Forgotten City). Also produced by JJ Alfieri, Trent Boling, Michael Cappuccino and Leah Cohen-Mays.

The Night Owl Republic Films production stars Addison Henderson, Jonathan Sterritt, Lou Lombardi, JJ Alfieri, Jason Delane Lee and Yvonne Huff Lee.

An incurable virus has wiped out a third of the world’s population. Many infected commit suicide to end their agony. Those who cannot bring themselves to end their own lives hire professionals. This is the journey of a hitman’s quest for peace as he navigates through a city on the brink of collapse, while on the run from a detective seeking revenge…


Having premiered at the American Black Film Festival last year, Givers of Death will be released theatrically, On-Demand (VOD) and on Digital platforms by Buffalo 8 on August 5, 2022.

Teaser trailer:

Cast and characters:
Addison Henderson … Phog
J.J. Alfieri … Franklin
Jonathan Sterritt … Detective Schmidt
Louis Lombardi … Bobby Wine
Jason Delane Lee … Mick/Shadow Man
Yvonne Huff Lee … Gene
Josie DiVincenzo … Wife
Leah Cohen-Mays … Dolores
Mike Dugan … Big Irish
Richard Lambert … Husband
Peter Johnson … Shorty
Pamela Rose Mangus … Pig Nose
Frank Rossi … Mustache
Mike Seitz … Blondie
Zanete Shadwick … Kora
Joe Bella … Cuz
Dani Licata … Blue
Corey Ronald Walter … Lennox
Isaac Fareed … Young Phog
Bob Bozek … Cleaner
Jordan Daniels … Newberg
Laura Dennis … Girlfriend
Mac Cappuccino … The Comedian
Jesse Guilmette … Boyfriend

Filming locations:
Buffalo, New York

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