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‘Bad baby… very bad baby!’
Baby Oopsie is a 2021 American horror film in two parts from Full Moon Features and a spin-off from the Demonic Toys franchise.

Written, co-produced and directed by William Butler (The Resonator: Miskatonic U; Dead VoicesGingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night CleaverDemonic Toys: Personal DemonsMadhouse). Also produced by Charles Band and executive produced by Nick Blaskowski.

The Candy Bar Productions-Full Moon Features co-production stars Libbie Higgins, Joseph Huebner, Justin Armistead, Marilyn Bass, Josephine Bullock, Lynne Acton McPherson and Shamecka Nelson.

A sequel, Baby Oopsie: Murder Dolls followed in 2022.

Perpetually picked on and endlessly neglected Sybil Pittman (Libbie Higgins) finds little joy in her life…except for her massive doll collection that has grown to perverse proportions! Every day, Sybil locks herself in her basement, broadcasting her doll restoration vlog all by herself, that is until the remnants of a mysterious doll – the dreaded Baby Oopsie comes into her life!

After carefully restoring the doll, Sybil comes to realize that the tiny terror is exacting revenge on her oppressors, mercilessly murdering them one by one. And while Sybil finds herself enjoying Baby Oopsie’s bloody brand of vengeance, she soon changes her tune when the demonic toy turns its evil attentions to Sybil and those she actually cares about…

“The monstrous, messy and unapologetically evil plaything Baby Oopsie is breaking free from the Demonic Toys franchise for this, his first solo shocker! Buckle in for a thumb-sucking, diaper-filling freak-out as Baby Oopsie unleashes a nasty and nightmarish wave of horror that’s totally NSFD (Not Safe for Daycare)!”

“Oopsie is sort of just a Chucky clone, but one done with low budget and practical effects, so there’s a low fi charm to the little shit. The film doesn’t hold back on the red stuff either […] Yes, this is a low-budget production and it shows, but still, it’s good to see Band and Co. taking horror seriously again.” ML Miller Writes

” …while Baby Oopsie herself is pretty humorous in her actions and dialog. Grows a bit tiresome toward the end of its short length, but still has enough merit to recommend to B-movie buffs.” Splatter Critic

“It gets us hoping for more of this level of cinematography from Full Moon Features […] This is a bit of a character study and it’s way better than filler. The puppet’s rig is weak, but the creators spent time making it look creepy regardless.” Tales of Terror

Baby Oopsie: Chapter One premiered on August 6th exclusively on Full Moon Features and on Full Moon’s Amazon Prime channel on August 16th, with the second chapter following the week after.



Full film – free to watch online:


BABY OOPSIE: MURDER DOLLS (2022) Comedy horror sequel with trailer and splattery clip

Cast and characters:
Libbie Higgins … Sybil Pittman
Joseph Huebner … Willis
Justin Armistead … Ray Ray
Marilyn Bass … Kristy
Josephine Bullock … Taffy
Lynne Acton McPherson … Mitzy Pittman
Shamecka Nelson … Lottie

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