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All Eyes is a 2022 American horror film in which a disgraced podcaster documents a man hunting down a monster which he claims is living in the woods near his house.

Directed by Todd Greenlee (Home with a View of the Monster and many shorts) from a screenplay written by Alex Greenlee (Home with a View of the Monster and many shorts).

Produced by Emily Calhoun, Laurie Cummings, Adam Greenlee, Alex Greenlee, Jeff Greenlee, Lisa Greenlee, Todd Greenlee, Janice Pellam and Tab Pierce.

The Homefront Pictures production stars Jasper Hammer, Ben Hall, Danielle Evon Ploeger, Nick Ballard, Laurie Cummings and Jeremy Parr.

Plot synopsis:
A recently fired podcast host comes across a story that he feels could revitalise his career. The story: a recently widowed farmer claims there is a monster living in the woods behind his farm. The plan: trap and kill the beast…


“It becomes a blood-filled thriller in a story about survival and that part drags a lot. However, this film does an impressive job with its limited budget. Homemade weapons galore, a creepy old farmhouse, and primarily just one character for most of the movie. Jasper Hammer does really well balancing the comedy with the horror-thriller.” 3 out of 5, Film Gate Reviews

” …All Eyes is about that final act. The setup is quite long, ending around the fifty-minute mark. It’s all about building sympathy for Allen and Don while sprinkling hints about the beast and the booby traps. Nevertheless, it’s worth sticking around for the finale, drastically changing the tone to a violent, mechanical funhouse.” 8.5 out of 10, Film Threat

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