STUFFINGS (2021) Reviews of comedy-horror slasher – now free to watch online

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‘Guess who is coming to town!’
Stuffings is a 2021 Australian comedy-horror slasher film about a social media couple who stumble upon a sinister Xmas-obsessed community.

Written, directed and edited by Mathew J. Wilkinson (Audition Tape 13; Colourful & Impossible; How Not to Make a Horror Film; The Nullarbor Nymph; Don’t Show Mother).

The Robwil Productions movie stars Kathleen Halligan, Daniel Moody, Isabella Robinson, Ognjen Trisic, Marcello D’Onofrio, Georgia Williams, Adam Bullmore and Josh Talbot-Smith.


A self-obsessed social media celebrity couple camp out in the Adelaide Hills on Christmas Eve only to stumble onto a community hiding a secret tradition to protect the 25th of December…

“Unfortunately, there is definitely a lack of good death scenes – much needed in a low budget slasher […] At less than eighty minutes, I would struggle not to recommend Stuffings to slasher fans, especially those used to watching low budget horror. It might not be the funniest or most blood-filled but it’s an easy watch that many horror fans will enjoy.” Nerdly

Director’s statement:
Writer/director Mathew J. Wilkinson commented: “I decided to make Stuffings as a horror-comedy about the excess of Christmas and the disposable practices of it. Playing on social media troupes, there was a lot of great irony to play on and the way entertainment is disposable and based on like and subscribe buttons.

Ultimately though I always set out to make popcorn movies that never take themselves too seriously. I was heavily influenced by shows like South Park and movies such as They Live, Halloween III and Gremlins. I believe the audience that will enjoy this film is anyone looking for something fun, b-grade, ironic and able to enjoy a beer while maybe also thinking Christmas is a little bit overrated.”

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