WENDELL & WILD (2022) Reviews of animated comedy horror soon on Netflix

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Wendell & Wild is a 2022 American animated comedy horror film about two scheming demon brothers who must face their arch-nemesis, the demon-dusting nun Sister Helly, and her two acolytes, the goth teens Kat and Raul.

Directed by Henry Selick (Coraline; James and the Giant Peach; The Nightmare Before Christmas) from a screenplay co-written with Jordan Peele based on the book by Henry Selick and Clay McLeod Chapman. Produced by Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Jordan Peele, Henry Selick and Sarah Serata.


The movie features the voice talents of Lyric Ross, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Angela Bassett, James Hong, Sam Zelaya, Tamara Smart, Seema Virdi, Ramona Young, Ving Rhames and Michele Mariana.

Release date:
Wendell & Wild will stream worldwide on Netflix on October 28, 2022.

“The movie is aware that kids are smarter than we treat them. It doesn’t spoon-feed them the thesis or stop after the basic lessons most children’s movies cover […] There are a couple of moments where pacing is an issue, but director and co-writer Henry Selick and this team of animators pull off a massive feat.” 4 stars out of 5, Dread Central

” …the more characters Selick has to work with, the more room there is for his deliciously strange and comic visual craft. That’s what we’re here for, ain’t it? The director and his animation team do predictably fun work with nuns looking like decayed minions, papier-mache-style ghosts, a cuddly but possessed teddy bear and enough clownish-looking undead to fill a circus.” 3/5, The Guardian


” …it hurts a lot that [Selick’s] latest film – his first in thirteen years – was disappointing. I believe there’s a better feature underneath the shells of Wendell & Wild’s over-stuffed story because plenty of great moments are scattered around its runtime. However, the weight of the film’s narrative is too much for Selick’s visual panache to carry, failing to keep its momentum going.” Loud and Clear

“Audiences can enjoy The Specials, The X-Ray Spex, and the Bad Brains floating through the scenes and bumping through Kat’s cyclops boom box. Wendell & Wild is a fun and heartwarming ride that I think all audiences can enjoy. But, I know this will resonate with black fans of this genre…” Nightmarish Conjurings

“Selick and his team often focus on their characters, placing them in nondescript settings and letting us appreciate the artistry of the character design. Selick’s strength has always been in that department—think Jack Skellington or Coraline—and his creations here are among his best. In fact, the only flaw of Wendell & Wild is that Selick doesn’t let us take in enough of his sights and sounds…” RogerEbert.com


“Selick’s flair for phantasmagorical sights is on full display, though Wendell & Wild’s excessively CGI-enhanced look is a far cry from the grounded tactility of much of his prior work. The competing storylines and moods also add to the film’s growing identity crisis—or maybe it’s just that it all feels as if it’s been assembled from disparate parts.” Slant

“There’s an undeniable allure to Wendell & Wild though that isn’t new to Selick’s work. He has always maintained a representation of the weird and the macabre. A filmmaker that imbues his work with the same passion for being yourself as the audience he cultivates and champions his films, Selick continues to be one of the most endearing forces in animation.” Tilt


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