THE VIOLENCE ACTION (2022) Reviews of Japanese manga actioner on Netflix

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The Violence Action is a 2022 Japanese comedic crime thriller film in which a teenage college girl leads a double life as an assassin for hire. Also known as Violence Action

Directed by Tôichirô Rutô from a screenplay co-written with Itaru Era based on the eponymous manga by Renji Asai and Shin Sawada. Executive produced by William Ireton.

The Fine Entertainment-Sony Pictures Entertainment co-production stars Kanna Hashimoto, Fumika Baba, Shunsuke Daitô, Kenta Izuka, Win Morisaki, Takashi Okamura, Yûri Ota, Jirô Satô, Yu Shirota, Yôsuke Sugino, Oji Suzuka and Katsunori Takahashi.


“Though the action sequences are a tad over-the-top with much overacting taking place across the board, it is the sweet simplicity exuding from the main character’s person that makes The Violence Action a rather compelling watch. Had it done away with the unnecessary gimmickry, the film would have surely placed above average. Watch it for the entertainment value.” 2.5 out of 5, Cinema Express

“The problem with this movie is how weak the plot was with respect to the antagonists. There was hardly any depth to their characters. It makes the whole movie feel very mediocre. Another weak point of the movie is the amount of comic relief. Even the action scenes feel too humorous. The threatening aura that a villain should regorge – is evidently missing.” 2 out of 5 stars, The Envoy Web

The story can be called average on every front, but due to the many startlingly bad choices on the technical level, the film becomes unwatchable at times […] The Violence Action is messy, hectic and confusing. A new milestone among the manga and anime film adaptations that should not have seen the light of day.” Film Totaal [translated from Dutch]

“Hashimoto valiantly tries to humanize her, but for all her likable attributes, her ever-upbeat attitude among them, a mystery remains: How does Kei transform from a cold-eyed killer to a cute student as if flipping a switch? But clarifying it with sobersided flashbacks and the rest would kill the fun, wouldn’t it?” The Japan Times


“The live-action adaptation fell short in a lot of aspects, but it can still be enjoyable to the viewers. The manga readers would thoroughly enjoy watching their favourite characters come to life. The Violence Action can also be enjoyed by the ones who is not familiar with the graphic novel.” Leisure Byte

“The unrealistic action scenes of the protagonist Kei make the movie seem like a comic rather than a complete thriller. The action scenes are too unrealistic that they would be difficult to accept. The movie is accompanied by a suitable background score which goes very well with the story.” Midgard Times

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