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‘Man doesn’t rule the planet anymore’
Swarmed is a 2005 Canadian science fiction horror film in which the residents of a small town are attacked by a swarm of wasps – which has been sprayed with a super pesticide.

Directed by Paul Ziller (Yeti; Ghost Storm; Snakehead Terror; Pledge Night) from a screenplay written by Miguel Tejada-Flores (Frankenstein’s Army; Faust: Love of the Damned; Screamers and sequel; Fright Night Part 2). The movie stars Michael Shanks (13 Eerie; Red Riding Hood; Mega Snake; Sumuru), Carol Alt (Snakehead Terror), Richard Chevolleau (The Possession of Michael D.) and Jonathan Malen (House at the End of the Street; Possessed 2000).

“The only thing saving Swarmed from being completely unwatchable is the obvious tongue-in-cheek nature of the film, but just because the people responsible for the movie knew they were making a cheesy movie doesn’t mean they deserve a pass. This is a movie that finally resorts to going for cheap laughs by having someone go nuts and chase a lone wasp around a building blasting away it with a shotgun.” 1 out of 5, Dread Central

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with Swarmed as it is a well-paced, decently acted, completely run-of-the-mill nature gone awry sci-fi movie of the week type of flick. No, it’s not in possession of a single original bone in its little body, but that’s okay because chances are if you’re picking up Swarmed you’re not searching for cinematic enlightenment.” Film Critics United

“The cast do what they can with the comic balloon dialogue, and Alt at least makes the Wikipedia-of-wasps infodumps mildly engaging: it’s her job to insist that real wasps are respectable members of the insect community and not monsters – just before the rest of the film unleashes monster wasps.” The Kim Newman Web Site

” …Swarmed offers up nothing else than formula-driven small town in danger from mutant bugs storyline. It even doesn’t take it self seriously with side characters many of which have a comical side but then doesn’t play things for laughs as more recent movies such as Sharknado. It makes Swarmed weak and the sort of movie you might put on late at night when you are channel hopping when you can’t sleep.” The Movie Scene

“Even though Swarmed has an enormous level of cheese factor happening, just about as much as you’d expect from a film like this one, it still manages to entertain. Swarmed is another one of Lionsgate’s Sci-Fi Channel releases, and usually when put together, the terms Sci-Fi Channel and movie usually spell disaster at best. But when I viewed this film, I wasn’t expecting to be, but I was pleasantly surprised.” Terror Hook

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