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Pyasa Shaitan – which translates as “Thirsty Satan” – is a 1984 Indian Hindi horror film directed by actor Joginder Shelly (Son of Dracula) who also stars. It also features Kamal Haasan (as the vampire), Madhu Malhotra, Shobha Lata and Beena Banerjee.

The film is a re-edited version of the 1978 Tamil film Vayanadhan Thamban with added scenes of Joginder Shelly as The Devil and an attack scene featuring Beena Banerjee.

Pyasa Shaitan

Shaitaan (Joginder Shelly) needs to sacrifice seven young women so that he can attain immortality.

He stumbles upon a man (Kamal Hassan), who had been worshipping Satan himself for many-many years. The man has grown old and also wishes to stay young forever. Shaitan signs a deal with him, granting temporary youth at first, that will become eternal after the sacrifice of the 7th and last young woman…

“Despite the presence of Tamil superstar Kamal Hassan, the film bears a good deal of those telltale sleazy elements that suggest it was most likely a fairly mercenary, hastily constructed affair. Essentially we’re in the same off-kilter ambient horror territory as with the rapidly-becoming-legendary Shaitani Dracula, though in this case with a more sure-handed narrative and visual approach.” Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill!

“There is such a steady assault of disconnected strange sh*t in this movie that it flirts with becoming a surrealist masterpiece. Even when they’re having a lovey-dovey musical number, they’ll splice in second-long shots of the hairy demon waggling his head and tongue and dancing around with galaxies spinning behind him and red and green lights flashing everywhere.” Teleport City

“The movie is full of frantic montages and a wide variety of cheap effects, superimpositions of skeletons, skulls, colors, cutout effects, lightning bolts, and the just plain weird, all accompanying the many scenes of seduction, fights and sacrifices.” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre




Also known as प्यासा शैतान

We are grateful to khayaal_e_yaar for some plot details.

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