THIS LAND (2023) Reviews of cabin political horror plus trailer

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‘Divided they fall’
This Land is a 2023 American horror film about two families from opposite ends of the political spectrum who turn on each other after a cabin rental mix-up but must work together to survive after a sinister group emerges with an ancient destructive pact.

Directed by Richard Greenwood Jr from a screenplay written by Collin Watts and Leon Langford. The movie stars Natalie Whittle, Adam Burch and John J Pistone.

Plot synopsis:
Ava, a traumatized mother agrees to a rustic getaway on the 4th of July with her husband and son in hopes of putting back the pieces of their lives. It is the one-year anniversary of a violent home invasion that cost her unborn baby’s life.

However, after arriving at the cabin rental they learn they are double booked with a family with very different political beliefs. Tensions boil over the weekend as the families confront grief, race, and the divide within the country. They soon realise something else is trying to drive them apart… A band of sinister elites targeting them for an ancient ritual…


“A complex film that’s equal parts home invasion horror, sociopolitical family drama, and visceral nightmare, This Land accomplishes the neat trick of balancing those elements with an overall deft hand. It doesn’t hurt either that it’s a good-looking film, extremely well shot with just enough visual flair in the camera work.” 4 out of 5, Horror DNA

“The movie does seem to want to use a lot of what Hereditary used with the cult elements, without the family connection […] This Land is an interesting horror that doesn’t quite hit the marks.” Movie Reviews 101

This Land plants a solid focus on storytelling and exploring trauma and what this can do when presented with an extremely uncomfortable situation that is only heightened by the threat of death. All the actors involved here bring their A game and help sell each family’s position, making it all the more satisfying when they are forced to unite and assist each other to survive. ” Novastream

“Cleverly written and expertly shot thanks to the engaging cinematography from Ilya Chegodar, This Land is expertly handled and fascinating in its rollout as an ancient cult reveals itself to them and is responsible for bringing them together.  It’s all about the differences, you know? […] The real villains aren’t so much the left-leaning or the right-leaning families.” Reel Reviews

” …what really makes the film is its third act that’s action and suspense-filled, full of macabre details and plenty of violence – so pretty much all a die-hard horror fan might ask for. And even if it’s pretty easy to guess from early on who will survive, who will die, and who will commit the ultimate sacrifice, the way the finale gets there still keeps one guessing nevertheless…” Search My Trash

“It’s an interesting take on Romeo and Juliet, but it’s more than that. The writers are not beating around the bush when it comes to the plot elements that make this a horror movie. This Land is an extrapolated, latent home invasion film.” Tales of Terror

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