BIG BROOD (2023) Reviews of sci-fi comedy horror plus trailer

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Big Brood is a 2023 American sci-fi comedy horror film about a young couple facing off against a body-snatching hive alien.

Directed by Matthew A. Peters (Axegrinder 666; Empire State of the Dead; Savage Christmas; Three Days in the Woods and its sequel; The Abandoned) from a screenplay written by co-producer Dylan Patrick Morley based on Peters’s storyline. Also produced by Ainslee Looman and Shawn Uebele. Executive produced by Jason A. Covey and Matthew A. Peters.

The Mad Angel Films production stars Stephanie Ward, Lucas DeNies, Patrick Regan, Veronica Rozler, Jennie Russo, Joe Cappelli, Donovan Gale, Gabrielle Nunzio, Cara Fay, Ben Bohren, Mark Joseph Peek, Michael John Gilbert and Hillary Schmatolla-Brooks.

Adam’s plan to propose to Allie hits a snag when he must win over her sceptical father. Little does this family know that a much bigger problem crashed down in the woods: a body-snatching, hive alien, and it’s looking for its perfect host…

“Effects were minimal but still effective, and the infected either giggling creepily or being dead serious was entertaining. The infection scenes involved lots of black jelly-like (black honey like?) goop that is vomited onto victims, I could never quite figure out if I thought these scenes look good or not but they did the job […] It is testament to the casting and script that I found myself not wanting anything bad to happen to many of the characters…” 7 out of 10, The Rotting Zombie

” …part Invasion of the Body Snatchers, part early Fred Olen Ray with its frequently humorous tone, cheap but effective alien and her minions and a fair amount of skin on display thanks to the seemingly ageless Ms. Russo. More mainstream or gore/effects-oriented viewers may not be as entertained, but Big Brood was just what I needed to restore my faith in low-budget alien invasion films.” ★★★½ Voices from the Balcony


Cast and characters:
Stephanie Ward … Agent Owens
Lucas DeNies … Adam
Patrick Regan … Mitchell
Veronica Rozler … Allie
Jennie Russo … Marilyn
Joe Cappelli … Ty
Donovan Gale … Brent
Gabrielle Nunzio … Jade
Cara Fay … Janet
Ben Bohren … Dominick
Mark Joseph Peek … Officer Trout
Michael John Gilbert … Officer Johnson
Hillary Schmatolla-Brooks … Alien Queen

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