Black Forest (2012)

Black Forest is a 2012 American made-for-television horror film written by Frank H. Woodward and directed by Patrick Dinhut. It stars Ben Cross, Tinsel Korey, Claire Foster, Oliver James and Dhaffer L’Abidine. This UFO International Production premiered on the Syfy Channel in the USA on 25th February 2012.

Tourists take a trip around a forest that appears in all manner of ancient legends and dark folklore. As they journey into the woods, they realise to their terror that the stories are true, and strange creatures are lurking among the trees determined to stop anyone leaving alive.

IMDb entry

‘Ben Cross described Black Forest in an online interview as being like if you took Grimm fairy tales and threw in a hand grenade; what these people are dealing with is the shrapnel from these stories being blown apart. That’s a pretty good analogy to describe how these fractured fairy tales come to life and why for all its problems this still turned out to be one of the most imaginative Syfy original movies in quite some time. The drawback, unfortunately, is that it gets to be so scattershot certain events really don’t make a whole lot of sense’. review

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