BIGFOOT EXORCIST (2021) Preview of Donald Farmer’s next flick


‘The Devil’s beast wants blood’

Bigfoot Exorcist is a 2021 American comedy horror film about a young man possessed by the curse of the ultimate beast.

Written and directed by Donald Farmer (Shark Exorcist; Cannibal Cop; Chainsaw Cheerleaders; Cannibal Hookers), the movie stars Jessa Flux (He Knows; The Embalmers; Reunion from Hell), Dixie Gers (Kill Dolly Kill; 13 Slays Till X-Mas;  Crazy Fat Ethel 2016), Jocephus Hudson (Debbie Does Demons; Hooker with a Hacksaw), Kasper Meltedhair (Cannibal Hookers 2019; Hooker with a Hacksaw; Cannibal Cop), Rebecca Rinehart and Cacia Rose.


A demonic cult has summoned the ultimate beast, Bigfoot, to prowl the mountains and slaughter innocent victims. When a young man named Frank (Jocephus Hudson) is attacked by the creature, the curse of Bigfoot is passed down to him.

Now Frank turns into a hairy, fanged beast at night, thirsty for warm blood. Only the power of a nun trained in exorcism can hope to set Frank free from this nightmare. However, it may already be too late…


Bigfoot Exorcist is currently shooting in Tennessee.


Wild Eye Releasing will distribute Bigfoot Exorcist later in 2021.

Cast and characters:

Jessa Flux … Rose
Dixie Gers … Nun
Jocephus Hudson … Frank
Kasper Meltedhair … Brandi
Rebecca Rinehart … Sally
Cacia Rose … Ash


There is currently no trailer available for Bigfoot Exorcist

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