STORM WARNING (2007) Reviews and overview

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storm warning

Storm Warning is a 2007 Australian horror film directed by Jamie Blanks, who also provided the brooding electronic score and directed Urban Legend.

The film was written in the 1990s by veteran screenwriter Everett de Roche (Long Weekend, Roadgames, Razorback) and pays homage to numerous other films including, but not limited to Spider BabyThe Texas Chain Saw MassacreDeliveranceThe Hills Have EyesThe Last House on the LeftStraw Dogs and Wrong Turn. It was released in France as Insane.

The movie stars Nadia Fares, Robert Taylor, John Brumpton, David Lyons and Mathew Wilkinson.


In the US, Dimension Extreme released an unrated version of Storm Warning on 5 February 2008. The DVD contains an audio commentary by director Jamie Blanks, screenwriter Everett De Roche, actor Robert Taylor, cinematographer Karl von Moller, production designer Robby Perkins, and special FX artist Justin Dix, and a making-of featurette.


Rob and Pia, a middle-class couple, are out for a day of sailing become lost in a heavy storm and end up on a desolate island. They come across a barn with no one home. There is a large amount of marijuana in the barn suggests the homeowners may not welcome their presence. There is also no telephone or means of communication to the outside world.

But when the deranged, redneck owners, Brett, Jimmy, and their even more terrifying father Poppy return, Rob and Pia realize a fear far beyond anything they have ever known, and resentful of the affluent intruders, the monstrously sadistic hillbillies imprison and enslave the couple, who fearing for their lives, submit to appalling degradation and humiliation.

When Rob and Pia learn their kidnappers have no intention of ever letting them go alive, they finally understand they must do whatever it takes just to survive, and whatever it takes means going to a limit they could never have imagined…





“Although the film is pretty damn cliché, it’s still a fun ride that gives homage to loads of classic films without disrespecting them. Gorehounds will be delighted with the amount of bloodshed and everyone else will find solace in a pretty damn good story. Highly Recommended!” Bloody Disgusting

Storm Warning looks incredible, is packed with top-notch performances, and moves along at a furious pace. You’ll barely have time to catch your breath. Heed the warning. See this now. It’s one of our genre’s near-perfect storms.” Dread Central


Storm Warning 2

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“Here’s a horror flick that I will easily recommend to genre aficionados. Storm Warning is a nasty bit of bloodshed and profanity; ludicrous in concept and story, but a vicious little bastard of splatter entertainment.” DVD Verdict

“The best that can be said about Storm Warning is that it gives its core audiences what they want. Which is also the worst that can be said about the film; it doesn’t offer anything else to anyone outside of the genre fanbase. Again, that in itself isn’t such a bad thing, as anyone who reads the film’s logline will either avoid it based on the plot descriptions alone, or run right towards it because of it.” Beyond Hollywood


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