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Paura 3D

Paura 3D (Fear) is a 2012 Italian horror/thriller directed by Antonio and Marco Manetti, more commonly known as The Manetti Brothers. It stars Peppe Servillo, Francesca Cuttica and Lorenzo Pedrotti.

The Manetti brothers apparently made the film whilst waiting for their well-received sci-fi film The Arrival of Wang to be released, wanting to test out some effects work. It received a wide theatrical release in  Italy.

Three young musicians think they have luck on their side when they score the keys to a beautiful villa outside of Rome for the weekend. Unfortunately, they soon discover that they are not alone…


Paura 3D wanted to show, I believe, how horror has evolved from those early thrillers into what we see today. The Manetti’s wanted to pay homage to horror of the past, while embracing the sadistic world of today, and Paura 3D really delivers. Scary, intense and incredibly satisfying, this is white knuckle horror at its best.” Matt Wavish, Horror Cult Films

“There’s no emotional investment in any of the characters, least of all the three leads who are an unlikeable bunch and the script is less than stellar. The films only saving grace IS the exploitation aspects, which are nothing we haven’t seen before a hundred times and after a while even those run out of steam, leaving a film that feels shallow and uninteresting.” Phil Wheat, Blogomatic 3000



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