Dark Skies – USA, 2013 – reviews

dark skies

‘Once you’ve been chosen, you belong to them.’

Dark Skies is a 2013 American science fiction horror film directed by Scott Stewart, produced by Jason Blum, starring Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton and Dakota Goyo. It was released in the US on February 22, 2013.


As the Barret family’s peaceful suburban life is rocked by an escalating series of disturbing events, they come to learn that a terrifying and deadly force is after them…

Dark Skies Movie


Dark Skies isn’t particularly outstanding, but it’s certainly a perfectly serviceable horror movie with solid performances, decent shocks and an effective final twist.

As a rather traditional genre piece, notably lacking in an exploitation elements, it’s certainly worth a watch, even if the scares here are nothing you won’t have experienced before.

David Flint, Horrorpedia

Other reviews:

Dark Skies works fairly competently within this musty old template, and it’s a smart idea to seed a lot of the family’s anxiety in the financial problems they’re facing – you could read the movie as a metaphor for America’s recession blues … The lockstep formula precludes much suspense, but not every last bit of fun.” Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph

“Sadly, though, with Dark Skies, it’s not just a case of seen it all before. For much of its tale, we’ve seen it all recently as well, in spite of the film’s efforts to throw in one or two subversions. A couple of sparks, then, but Dark Skies ultimately never catches light. Keri Russell really is excellent…” Den of Geek

dark skies 7

” …an old-fashioned scary movie; a sci-fi horror that is a workmanlike piece of filmmaking, with some effective shocks, cheerfully borrowing from other sources, most obviously Spielberg.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Unlike The PossessionSinister and Mama, at the very least writer/director Scott Stewart’s new film trades demons and spirits for aliens, but doesn’t do much more than put a sci-fi twist on a plot device that has sincerely worn out its welcome.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend

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One Comment on “Dark Skies – USA, 2013 – reviews”

  1. Nice review. I was extremely disappointed with this movie. While it had a few things going for it (like David Boyd) it wasn’t enough. The script and setting of this movie were too familiar to horror fans to allow it any spot in the greater Horror Genre.

    I also took the time to review this flick on my horror movie blog. I would love your input on my critique.
    Check it out if you have the time.


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