Big Bad Wolf – USA, 2006 – reviews


Big Bad Wolf is a 2006 American black comedy horror feature film directed by Lance W. Dreesen.

The movie stars Trevor Duke and Kimberly J. Brown with appearances by Clint Howard (Ice Cream ManEvilspeak) and David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London).



All they wanted was a fun weekend away from their parents and the pressures of school, but when these fun-loving teens cross the path of a werewolf that isn’t afraid to speak its mind as he tears them limb from limb, they must find out who is behind the furry façade and put the beast down before it can claim any more lives…

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Big Bad Wolf does have some great kills, a good deal of T&A, and moves along at a reasonably brisk pace; none of which was still enough to keep me from feeling apathetic towards it. Big Bad Wolf huffs and puffs but it failed to blow my house down.” Dread Central

” …Big Bad Wolf is cheesy rubbish… and it is! But it’s really enjoyable cheesy rubbish. It entertains and urges you to keep watching; credit has to go to the cast for holding our interest so well, and also to that vintage 1980’s feel, which many have tried to emulate and failed. The screenplay does its job, ensuring that each character evokes the right emotions.” Stalk’n’Slash

bid bad wolf

“As hilarious and gory as the action scenes are, I liked the scenes of the two leads trying to prove that the stepfather is a werewolf. The scenes add drama to the film and give the characters a bit of depth. But for all of its decent casting and script, the beauty of the film is down to the sleaze and cheese factor. The kill scenes are full of splatter and gore…” Andrew Smith, Popcorn Pictures

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Cast and characters:

  • Trevor Duke-Moretz … Derek Cowley (as Trevor Duke)
  • Kimberly J. Brown … Sam Marche
  • Richard Tyson … Mitchell Toblat / Beast
  • Sarah Aldrich … Gwen Cowley
  • Christopher Shyer … Charlie Cowley
  • Andrew Bowen … Scott Cowley
  • Sarah Christine Smith … Cassie (as Sarah Smith)
  • Jason Alan Smith … Alex
  • Adam Grimes … Jason
  • Robin Sydney … Melissa
  • Adam Hendershott … Nick Baxter
  • Clint Howard … Fulton Chaney
  • Martin Dorsla … Kenge
  • Jennifer Roa … Breanna
  • Walter Perez … Fisher
  • Shannon Malone … Jasmine
  • Josh Fadem … Suneel
  • David Naughton … Sheriff Ruben
  • Teresa Strasser … News Reporter
  • Kurt Meyer … Courier

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