AATMA (2006) Reviews and overview



Aatma – ‘Spirit’ – is a 2006 Indian Hindi horror feature film produced and directed by the Ramsay family, the pioneers of Indian horror cinema since the 1970s.


Neha (Neha A. Mehra) gets married to Dr Aman Mehra (Kapil Jhaveri). After celebrating their first wedding anniversary, Aman is approached on the beach by a gun-toting couple on the beach who make him sign a death certificate for a man named Avinash Malhotra, that pronounces his death as being due to natural causes.

Aman is reluctant to prepare this document, but when Neha’s life is threatened, he does so – little realising that in so doing, the vengeful spirit of the dead man will manifest itself in Neha’s body…


” … the style and atmosphere is more from 1986, including a spectacular kung fu fight, a colourful exorcism and some very light gore (including a graphic autopsy, a throat-ripping and a fun exploding head). The visual effects are well-made and we’re talking both new computer-generated effects and old-school, and both fit very good together.” Ninja Dixon

“Gangu Ramsay’s cinematography is daunting, appealing and tailor-made. It has been one of the salient features of this horror flick with lackluster performance and promotion. Anu Malik’s subdued music is a forced one and a couple of tracks retard the pace of the film. Raju Khan’s choreography is reduced to hip-gyrating dance moves to titillate audiences.” Smash Hits