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Evil Laugh is a 1986 American slasher horror film produced and directed by Dominick Brascia (Hard Rock Nightmare; Friday the 13th Part V; Rush Week) from a screenplay co-written with Steven Baio, who also stars.

The movie stars Ashlyn Gere (Creepozoids, Lunch Meat and many skin flicks), Tony Griffin, and Jody Gibson.


A group of medical students agree to help their friend Jerry fix up an old house over a weekend. One of them, Barney, is a horror movie fan who reads Fangoria and warns them they will all die. The house used to be a children’s foster home until a mass murder occurred ten years earlier. Even before the students arrive, fresh murders begin. The killer wears blue rubber gloves and — obviously — has an evil laugh…



Evil Laugh is slasher by the numbers, but scores points for its positive vibe and tongue in cheek style, which I think was as much forced as it was intentional. It certainly deserves a place in stalk and slash museum and should be considered not just to be a proto-Scream parody, but instead the main influence behind the screenplay for that flick.” A Slash Above…

“If I had seen this movie when it came out in 1988 I would have thought that it sucked. Seeing it now though I think it sucks, but it’s worth watching (at least for slasher fans) because it’s such an unintentionally funny time capsule back to 80’s low-budget horror. The story is shit (at one point the killer is in two places at once), the acting is Satan-awful, the special effects don’t even exist…” Happyotter

“It’s difficult to encapsulate all of the ridiculousness that this film has to offer. There are plenty of other scenes of pure insanity for your viewing (dis)pleasure.” Planet of Terror

“The murder sequences had potential to be brutal but the film always cuts away from the nasty stuff at the wrong moment, most likely due to the rather limited budget […] Evil Laugh is silly slasher nonsense like you won’t have seen before and will never see again. It’s a timeless product of the 80s which shouldn’t work on any level but it’s too hard to resist its copious amounts of cheese.” Popcorn Pictures

“At least there’s the sometimes clever one-liners, the video montage of the thirties-pretending-to-be-teens group cleaning their house in their super-80s tight shorts, tucked in vests and big, big hair. Despite managing to both suck and blow, this is one any genre fan should try to see.” Vegan Voorhees

“Generally this is a slice ‘n’ dice that’s pretty well-shot by debuting director Brascia, has a likeable enough cast (with one character who pre-dates Scream by being steeped in “horror movie elements”) and has its now infamous “microwave” scene to make it recommendable if you want to see a good effort that just doesn’t pan out as well as it could have due to the aforementioned problems and its standard set-up (which even includes the overdone “dancing while cleaning” moment).” The Video Graveyard

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