FUTURE-KILL aka SPLATTER (1985) Reviews and overview

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Future-Kill aka Night of the Alien and Splatter – is a 1985 science fiction horror film directed by Ronald W. Moore, and stars Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Gabriel Folse.

The poster for the film was designed by renowned artist H. R. Giger (Alien).

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Texas University frat boys are held responsible for the accidental killing of the Anti-Nuke Mutants’ leader and must flee through the hostile parts of downtown Dallas, aided by friendly Mutant Julie. They’re mercilessly hunted by the psychopathic Splatter (Ed Neal), the Mohawk sporting mutant seeking revenge for the killing of his leader…

Marilyn Burns


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“Despite its numerous flaws, despite its general silliness, I still found myself enjoying Future-Kill. Why? I’m not quite sure. Was it the Texas Chainsaw alums? Was it the “pew pew pew!” title placard? Was it the Escape From New York-like plonky synth soundtrack? It could be all of those things, or it could be none of them.” Final Girl

“There is a certain Ed Woods feel to the way the movie was made. When you look past the movie to some of the background you really get the feeling that Moore was part hustler/ part con artist. H.R. Giger who did the art work for Alien was somehow persuaded to do a cover for the movie, apparently he was moved by Moore’s tearful assertion that the movie would be nothing without great cover art. I have to disagree with that, the movie is still nothing even with great cover art.” Bleak Cinema


“The acting is sub-par, the direction is bored, the music simply hurts to sit through and Ed Neal’s outfit is ridiculous. I really don’t get why he agreed to the role, other than to do a favor for a friend and try something different, since it’s so unlike Neal’s personality it’s almost laughable. A cold-hearted killer he is not.” Dread Central






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