LEGACY OF SATAN (1974) Reviews and overview



‘See the unholy feast of the damned!’

Legacy of Satan is a 1974 American horror feature film written and directed by Gerard Damiano (The Devil in Miss Jones). It stars John Francis, Lisa Christian, Paul Barry, Jarrar Ramze, Ann Paul, James Procter and Deborah Horlen.

Legacy of Satan

A satanic cult chooses an unwitting young girl as its new queen…

legacy of satan

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“Dirt cheap. Totally confused. It’s like Runaway Nightmare mashed into Satan’s Black Wedding with Jess Franco consulting. In other words, Damiano should be very proud.” My Duck is Dead

legacy of satan_prancing

“The sets and costumes are generally colorful. The photography, although inconsistent and sometimes badly lit indoors, is quite lovely in the outdoor scenes. Even though nearly everyone in the entire cast seems to have made only this one picture, the acting is on a par with that of some Lifetime TV movies and above that of most non-professional no budget films.” Going for Broke – The Christa Helm Story

legacy of satan_arthur and blond-blood-farm

“The master says things like “You pitiful worm under my feet!” and mutates at the end. This slow movie has an irritating buzzing synthesizer score that sounds like ELP outtakes.” Michael J. Weldon, The Psychotronic Video Guide


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