‘The Bride of Dracula!’ – episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends TV series

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Spider-Man The Bride of Dracula

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is an American animated television series produced by Marvel Productions starring established Marvel Comics characters Spider-Man and Iceman and an original character, Firestar. As a trio called the Spider-Friends, they fought against various villains, including Dracula.

Spider-Man Firestar Iceman

Originally broadcast in the USA on NBC as a Saturday morning cartoon, the series ran first-run original episodes for three seasons, from 1981 to 1983, then aired repeats for an additional two years.

Dracula Firestar

In the episode The Bride of Dracula! – written by Jack Mendelsohn – Firestar is hypnotised by the evil Count and kidnapped back to his castle in Transylvania. Spider-Man and Iceman rapidly give chase and fight off Drac’s minions, a werewolf and a Frankenstein’s monster-type of robot…

Firestar Dracula

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