GIRL WITH A STRAIGHT RAZOR (2021) Preview of a “neo-Giallo”


‘She lives by night.’

Girl with a Straight Razor is a 2021 Canadian “neo-Giallo” horror film about a female protagonist who finds salvation via violence.

Written and directed by Chris Alexander (Space VampireNecropolis: Legion; Female Vampire; Blood for IrinaQueen of Blood), the Darkside Releasing-Moleman Entertainment production stars Ali Chappell (The Abominations of Frankenstein; The Final Ride; Necropolis: Legion; Late Night Double Feature) and Thea Munster (Necropolis: Legion).

Chris Alexander commented: “I consider my work to be a kind of ‘elevated exploitation’ and Girl with a Straight Razor is no exception. Once again, I focus on a female protagonist and sympathetic ‘human monster’ who is trapped in a sort of isolated reality and finds salvation through violence. This time, the isolation was a given, seeing as the picture was carefully produced during the pandemic with minimal cast and crew. The intimacy of the process only added to the texture of the film, really.”


Girl with a Straight Razor is currently coming to the end of postproduction, with a release date planned for early next year.


There is currently no trailer available for Girl with a Straight Razor

Initial source: Rue Morgue

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