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‘The epic battle has begun’

Frankenstein vs. The Mummy is a 2015 US horror movie written and directed by Damien Leone (Terrifier; All Hallows’ Eve) for producers Ruthless Pictures. It was released on February 10, 2015.

Main cast:

Robert MacNaughton, Ashton Leigh (Ozark Sharks; Re-Kill; Demonic), Max Rhyser, Boomer Tibbs (Paranormal Asylum; The Child Eater 2012 short), Brandon deSpain (Black Water VampireAll Hallows’ Eve; Satan’s Whip), Constantin Tripes, Michael Chmiel, Malika Franklin, Stefanie Merola, Martin Pfefferkorn, Rahul Rai, Daniel Rodas, Sean Rogers.



Doctor Victor Frankenstein and Egyptologist Naihla Khalil are both professors at a leading medical university. Victor’s latest grisly “experiment” is the re-animated corpse of a sadistic madman, and Naihla’s most recent find is the cursed mummy of an evil pharaoh.

When the two monsters face-off in an epic showdown, no-one is safe from the slaughter. Can the murderous rampage be stopped and the carnage contained before it’s too late?


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“Relying heavily on a strong story combined with nonstop action, Frankenstein vs. The Mummy is a pleasant surprise for those looking for something more than a CGI video game-like monster faceoff. Leone does a fine job of crafting the characters and creating a bond between Victor and Naihla. Equally, Rhyser and Leigh are highly impressive in their performances. On the other end, those looking for some blood and gore will not be disappointed…” Cryptic Rock


“All in all, the picture lacks the overall refinement to qualify as a genuinely good film. But it has its moments. Had we seen a handful of filler sequences cut, had the dialogue been tightened up and the “big confrontation” between the titular characters been longer and more rewarding, this may have been a legitimately impressive indie effort.” Matt, Horrorfreak News

” …there’s a lot of stupid fun to be had while watching Frankenstein vs. The Mummy, and when looked at in that light – it’s not too bad. The cinematography (by George Steuber) is pretty nifty, making a grade D movie look like a grade B one instead. The monster makeup’s are also nice to look at…” The Black Saint,


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Cast and characters:

  • Max Rhyser as Doctor Victor Frankenstein
  • Ashton Leigh as Naihla Khalil
  • Boomer Tibbs as Professor Walton
  • Brandon deSpain as The Mummy
  • Constantin Tripes as Frankenstein’s monster
  • Robert MacNaughton as Isaac
  • Rahul Rai as Detective Brynner
  • Daniel Rodas as William
  • Sean Rogers as Trevor
  • Martin Pfefferkorn as Homeless Man
  • Stefanie Merola as Lenora


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