THE INTRUDERS (2015) Reviews and overview


The-Intruders-Miranda-Cosgrove-DVD‘You can’t lock out what lives inside’

The Intruders is a 2015 Canadian horror-thriller film directed by Adam Massey (Man Vs.) from a screenplay by Jason Juravic for Darius Films.

The movie stars Miranda Cosgrove, Donal Logue, Tom Sizemore, Jenessa Grant, Austin Butler, Kelly Boegel, Claire Calarco, Michael Luckett and Jazmin Paradis.


Every town has its secrets, as college student Rose Halshford (Cosgrove) learns when she and her dad (Logue) move into a musty, old house. When Rose discovers that the previous tenant mysteriously disappeared, leaving her possessions behind, she suspects her unfriendly neighbours know more than they let on.

When Rose reports strange noises coming from inside the house, no one, not even her father believes her, insisting that it’s all in her head. As Rose’s suspicions grow she begins to fear that she may be the next victim of whatever or whoever has infiltrated her new home…


” …the director and Cosgrove did a good job of leaving us wondering if everything that happened in the film occurred only in her mind or in real life. […] Though the film does make it clear what happened in the end, it also ends on one of those notes that makes you wonder if maybe Rose really is more like her mother than she thinks.” The Best Deaths

“Ticking peripheral boxes for milquetoast suspense mixing vengeful ghost haunting with small-town mystery focused on a troubled heroine, “The Intruders” boils down to another log for the pile of formulaic thrillers better suited as midweek made-for-cable filler.” Culture Crypt

The Intruders may be good for the PG-13 crowd that has followed Cosgrove through her career and are looking to start watching some spooky films, but for older horror fans, it’s a bit of a bust”. Toronto Film Scene

Filming locations:

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


In the US, the film was released on DVD by Sony on February 24, 2015.

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