SANTO AND THE BLUE DEMON VS. THE MONSTERS (1969) Reviews and overview



Santo and Blue Demon vs. the Monsters – original title: Santo y Blue Demon contra los Monstruos – is a 1969 Mexican action horror feature film directed by Gilberto Martínez Solares from a screenplay by Rafael García Travesi and Jesús Sotomayor Martínez.


The Sotomayor productions movie stars masked wrestlers Santo and Blue Demon, plus Jorge Rado, Carlos Ancira, Raúl Martínez Solares, Hedi Blue, Vicente Lara, Manuel Leal, Gerardo Zepeda, David Alvizu, Fernando Rosales.

To foil his plan for world domination, wrestling superheroes Santo and Blue Demon battle the mad Doctor Halder and his army of reanimated monsters: The Vampire, The Female Vampire, Franquestain, The Cyclops, The Wolfman, The Mummy and zombie thugs…

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” …probably the grooviest of the bunch. A mad doctor revives a ton of horror movie monsters (wait, so they’re monsters AND undead?) and brainwashes them to do his bidding. There’s a spanking good sequence at the start of the flick that introduces each monster, one by one …


If you’re a fan of B-movie grandeur, do yourself a favor and check this bad boy out.” Analog Medium

“Despite the budget woes and quality issues, Santo and Blue Demon vs the Monsters still ends up being a fun flick, and is among the Santo films you should see first just to get your toes wet.


If you can handle Santo and Blue Demon punching their way through a castle filled with people in bad masks, you are ready to expand your journey.”

” …exceedingly slapdash, with action sequences that just feel made up on the spot and “fight choreography” that typically consists of rolling around and winging punches until one guy falls down. This particular entry is notable for the sheer number of opponents Santo and Blue Demon face, from vampires, mummies and clones to a Frankenstein’s monster and a wolf man. Literally nothing is left out.” Jim Vorel, Paste magazine


“Still, despite all obstacles, Santo y Blue Demon contra los Monstruos staunchly resists the temptation to laugh at itself, and that is what really sells it. One wink, one moment of intentional camp, and it would have become unbearable, but, instead, every actor who looked upon those pitifully ridiculous monsters reacted to them as if they were the gravest threat ever faced by mankind. And bless them for it.” Teleport City




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