THEY NEST aka CREEPY CRAWLERS (2000) Reviews and overview



‘It’s feeding time’

They Nest – also known as Creepy Crawlers – is a 2000 American horror feature film directed by Ellory Elkayem (Eight Legged FreaksReturn of the Living Dead: NecropolisReturn of the Living Dead: Rave from the Grave) from a screenplay John Claflin and Daniel Zelman (Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid).


The movie stars Thomas Calabro (Ice Spiders), Dean Stockwell (The Dunwich Horror; The Langoliers; Deep in the Darkness), John Savage (Door to Silence; Carnosaur 2; Demon Legacy), Kristen Dalton (The Dead Zone TV series; Sick People); Tom McBeath; Mark Schooley; Travis MacDonald, Dean Wray, Lee Jay Bamberry, Shaina Tianne Unger.

Stressed by marital and alcohol problems Doctor Ben Cahill (Calabro) freezes up under pressure in the emergency room. He decides to unwind a few months in the house he and his ex bought on Orr island, a fishing community off the coast of Maine. At the request of sheriff Hobbs he starts examining a number of animal and human corpses with strange internal as well as external injuries.


The doc observes one of the red cockroaches which recently infested the island has pincers, most unusual, reads up and contacts the University of Southern Maine Entomology Department, where this African species isn’t too well-known either. He discovers that these cockroach-like insects burrow into people and nest inside them…



‘ …it’s actually paced pretty well for the most part, favoring character development and an increasing risk of danger for the town as opposed to random isolated attacks. At first we just see a couple of the bugs, and then the swarm increases, and then they mutate, so just when the movie has run out of ideas for crawling scenes, they start flying around to create a new risk.’ Horror Movie a Day

they_nest 1

‘As for bug-like horror, director Ellory Elkayem has got it all covered. There’s the Alien-like human incubation as well as the crawling swarm, which later involves into the menacing flying hoard. These are the movies where TV actors come to die, at least onscreen, and perfs here are fairly straightforward. Calabro takes his role in stride, though Savage and Stockwell seem above this kind of material.’ Laura Fries, Variety


‘ …Creepy Crawlers succeeds. Blending decent acting with the usual horror pseudo-science, it may not be as classic as, for example, Aliens or Pitch Black, but it’s still good enough for when you want to put your own roach problems into perspective.’

‘I was surprised at how good Creepy Crawlers was. Different music, funny at parts, cared for the characters, and overall good production.’ Slasher Studios




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