The Varrow Mission aka TeenAlien – USA, 1978 – overview and reviews


‘Your best friend could be out of this world.’

The Varrow Mission – re-released as TeenAlien – is a 1978 American science fiction horror feature film directed by Peter Semelka from a screenplay written by Ed and Sherma Yeates. The movie stars Vern Adix, Michael Dunn, Keith Nelson, Dan Harville, Mike McClure, Judy Richards.



Local teenagers are holding a Halloween party at a supposedly “haunted” old mill, but find out that one of the partygoers who is dressed as an alien is actually a real alien…


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“It’s a competently made number with lots of youngsters strolling around (some in costumes) and investigating a creepy place. The Close Encounter scenes and talk of UFO-ish legends add some extra promise of threat. Nothing much happens and, at the end, it feels like we’ve watched the pilot for a show that never went to series, with the Varrow getting in different adventures every week.” Bleeding Skull!


TeenAlien is an incredibly amateur production. Most of the teen actors got their parts through winning a local radio contest … It’s not as Halloween themed as you’d hope (for the ultimate Halloween related fun, check out The Midnight Hour), but it’s a relatively brisk sci-fi/horror mash-up with a couple absolutely hilarious moments.” VHS Sh*tfest

“This is long and slow-paced, and sometimes tedious, but I liked it. I think it’s a nostalgia thing, especially since in the 70s movies actually required money and effort, unlike now when anyone with a camera and computer can put out their own movie.” Haunted Monkey Paw Island


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