Flesh for the Beast – USA, 2003 – reviews

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FLESH FOR THE BEAST, Ruby LaRocca, Sergio Jones, Caroline Hoemann, Barbara Joyce, 2003, (c) Media Blasters

‘Open the Gate. Step In. Lose Your Mind.’

Flesh for the Beast is a 2003 American supernatural horror feature film written and directed by Terry M. West (Witchbabe: The Erotic Witch Project 3; Vampire Queen; Satan’s School for Lust). The film’s soundtrack score is by Buckethead.

A group of parapsychologists are called in to investigate a mansion with a reputation for being haunted. One of the investigators, Erin Cooper (Jane Scarlett) finds herself particularly drawn to the place.

As the night progresses the group discovers that they are not alone and that three succubi inhabit the house, imprisoned by a warlock’s amulet. The amulet would give its user the ability to control the succubi, giving them extreme amounts of power. The succubi kill the group members one by one as the group tries desperately to discover the amulet’s whereabouts and perform a ritual that would stop the succubi…


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Flesh of the Beast gets the look down almost exactly right, with plenty of atmospheric lighting, a wonderfully moody credits sequence, and some flashy, mobile camerawork. The gore flows thick and heavy throughout (though the latex masks aren’t nearly as impressive), and while it’s hard to top an opener that finds one character upchucking into the gory remains of another, the filmmakers certainly do their damnedest.” Mondo Digital

“Derivative, indifferently acted, artlessly photographed and awash in nudity and rudimentary gore effects.” TV Guide

FLESH FOR THE BEAST, Sergio Jones, Jane Scarlett, 2003, (c) Media Blaster

” … this one focuses less on the scares and more on the naked girls and gore. Speaking of which, the gore isn’t too bad. Lots of entrails torn from victims, as usual, and these ladies seem to enjoy the intestines as much as your typical Hollywood zombie would. A couple scenes of pure blood-drenched fun are snuck into the film.” Horror News

Jane Scarlett, Barbara Joyce, Ruby LaRocca, Caroline Hoemann, 2003, (c) Media Blasters

FLESH FOR THE BEAST, Jane Scarlett, 2003, (c) Media Blasters

Cast and characters:

  • Jane Scarlett as Erin Cooper
  • Sergio Jones as John Stoker
  • Clark Beasley Jr. as Ted Sturgeon
  • Jim Coope as Jack Ketchum (as Jim Coop)
  • David Runco as Joseph Monks (as Victor Flynn)
  • Aaron Clayton as Douglas Clegg
  • Michael Sinterniklaas as Martin Shelly
  • Caroline Hoermann as Pauline
  • Ruby Larocca as Cassandra (as Ruby LaRocca)
  • Barbara Joyce as Irene
  • Kevin G. Shinnick as Jimmy / Zombie
  • Keith Leopard as Zombie #1
  • Kelly Troy Howard as Zombie #2
  • Zoe Moonshine as Zombie #3
  • Michael Roszhart as Zombie #4
  • Caroline Munro as Carla, the Gypsy – Vampyres (2015); Howl of the DevilManiac (1980); Dracula A.D. 1972Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter; et al


A graphic novel tie-in was released the following year through Media Blasters.

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