Iced – USA, 1988


‘Hot blooded couples fall prey to a cold blooded maniac’

Iced is a 1988 American slasher horror feature film directed by Jeff Kwitney (Beyond the Door III aka Amok Train) from a screenplay by Joseph Alan Johnson. It stars Debra De Liso, Doug Stevenson and Ron Kologie.


Years ago, their close friend was killed when he fell from a cliff while skiing in a drunken rage over  a woman. Now, years later, they have all been invited to Snow Peak, a remote ski resort, by a real estate advert.

As they arrive, they begin to suspect something is not right. However, by the time they realise, it is far too late! Someone is stalking them, seeking revenge for a loss none of them understand…



Iced is probably worse than the modernised snowboard film, in nearly every way. You think that the final twenty five minutes will redeem the crap before. No, it doesn’t, because more quick cuts and cheesy dramatics fill the feature even further. This is just a slasher movie that secretly wants to be a soap opera, and has an ending that clears nothing up.” Josh G., Oh, the Horror!

Iced is an odd mix of killer slasher tastiness and somewhat boring melodrama. The first ten and last thirty minutes are spectacular, but the real question on whether to recommend this or not is simply, “Can you handle the stuff in between?” Slasher fans, check it out for kicks. Everyone else, GTFO.” James Oxyer, Obscure Cinema 101

“Technically, it’s a bit of a mess with horrible editing, slow pacing and overtly misguided dialog (with only marginal acting at times), but if you’re a USA Up All Night kind of person (and who isn’t?), then this movie is a must. Plus, there’s plenty of boobs (courtesy of Lisa Loring who played Wednesday in the original Addams Family) and some decent blood to keep the proceedings going.” Amanda by Night, Retro Slashers

Iced is a 1988 horror movie about skiing. You’ll see a lot of it. It’s also a movie about ass. You’ll see a lot of that, too. It’s a strange dichotomy that, I think you’ll agree, doesn’t work at all for a horror movie. Hell, the title doesn’t even work. Iced is more of a title for a movie about ice skating, or ice hockey, or de-icing planes, but not skiing.”


Choice dialogue:

Alex: “Pardon me for saying this but you all look prepared for a funeral… or worse!”

Main cast:

  • Debra De Liso
  • Doug Stevenson
  • Ron Kologie
  • Elizabeth Gorcey
  • John C. Cooke
  • Joseph Alan Johnson – House of Lost SoulsThe Ghosts of Sodom; Berserker; The Slumber Party Massacre
  • Dan Smith
  • Michael Picardi
  • Lisa Loring – The Addams Family
  • Sharon Bingham

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