KRAMPUS: THE CHRISTMAS DEVIL (2013) Reviews and overview

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‘Are you on the naughty list?’

Krampus: The Christmas Devil is a 2013 American horror film co-produced, written, photographed, edited and directed by Jason Hull (Chasing Darkness).

The movie stars A. J. Leslie, Richard Goteri and Jay Dobyns.

A sequel, Krampus 2: The Devils Returns, was released in 2016.




” … a fun and welcome addition to my growing list of Holiday Horror Films. Aside from some minor acting problems, there’s little bad to say about this one.” Anything Horror

“There were a few really good twists, including the cops taking care of their own. The soundtrack is dead on awesome, adding to the 80’s slasher cinematic feel and texture.” Creepercast

” … the film does have a few death scenes but none are that great nor are they entertaining. The special effects are very minimal and they do not improve the few deaths we do get. Overall, Krampus: The Christmas Devil is a film that has a lot going on but they fail to come together to make something entertaining.”Horror Society


“Badly shot, poor production values, bad acting. A horror fan hates these not (always). And that triumvirate of trash certainly works here… Throw in a completely overwrought soundtrack – complete with throbbing 80s synth and hair metal-esque guitar, random naked women (who knew Krampus was a horny Christmas devil?) and piss poor special effects, and you have a slice of holiday horror that is totally mental…” Nerdly

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“This film version of Krampus is a collection of items you’d find in Wilkinson’s seasonal aisle, a Santa robe from the now in stock Christmas selection and a mask from the now reduced Halloween section.”UK Horror Scene


Cast and characters:

Jay Dobyns … Bob Norris
Paul Ferm … Santa Claus
Andrew Ferrick … Brian’s Thug #2
Darin Foltz … Dave
Richard Goteri … Captain Gil Farabee
Mark Hensel … Bar Brawler
Samantha Hoepfl … Heather Duffin
Emily Kessler … Sean’s Girlfriend
Annette Lawless … Jeremy’s mother
Angelina Leigh … Krampus’s pet
A.J. Leslie … Jeremy Duffin
John Marazza … Brian’s Thug
Mike Merrell … Bar Brawler #2
Michael Mili … Bartender Harry
Bill Oberst Jr … Brian Hatt
Brian Patterson … Jeremy’s Father
Jared Sidun … Young Jeremy Duffin
Jeremy Sidun … John Walker
Matthew Siman … Narrator
Erica Soto … Rebecca Duffin
Heather Travis … Bartender
Benny Weaver … Sean Roberts
Brad Weaver … Boy Playing


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