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‘When the full moon rises’

Wolfman is a 1979 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Worth Keeter (Rottweiler: The Dogs of Hell); Tales of the Third Dimension). Also known as Wolfman – A Lycanthrope

The movie stars Earl Owensby, Kristina Reynolds, Sid Rancer, Ed Gracy, Richard Dedmon, Maggie Lauterer, Brownlee Davis.


Georgia, 1910: Colin Glasgow (Earl Owensby) returns home after the murder of his uncle to find out that his uncle’s will has been altered and his family is under a werewolf curse. Twists and turns lead to Colin finding his old love Lynn and meeting a priest who is more than meets the eye.


In the end, Colin must find a way to end the curse that has haunted his family over the ages and will do so even if it costs him his life…


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“When the werewolf action finally happens, it’s far too anti-climactic to be rewarding in any way. Stay away, far away, unless you are so morbidly curious that you can stand to spend hours lamenting the time you wasted.” Very Terrible Things

“In terms of story, it’s the same old generic werewolf movie we’ve all seen a dozen times; a family curse, sympathetic hero, fade in/out montages showing the transformation, etc. Director/writer Worth Keeter adds absolutely nothing to the formula (even the title is generic, they merely took out the space between Wolf and Man and dropped the The. Way to make your mark).” Horror Movie a Day


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“Another big issue I had with this movie was the special effects (or lack there of). There were several poorly acted werewolf attacks but almost no blood. When there was blood, it was next to none.” Sinful Celluloid

“Tepid production, written-directed by Worth Keeter without style.” John Stanley, Creature Features

“This was a fairly ambitious undertaking, and Owensby managed to get most of the costumes and period locations correct (although modern power lines are still visible in some scenes). However, Owensby himself is hard to swallow as the curses hero (he’s much better as an ass-kicking action star)… ” Brian Albright, Regional Horror Films, 1958 – 1990


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” … a straightforward, efficiently directed werewolf tale, and although the special effects are not in The Howling (1981) league and Owensby is considerably more convincing as a werewolf than Colin, the film does make good use of its backwoods’ location.” The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror

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wolfman 1979

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Filming locations:

Earl Owensby’s movie studio, Shelby, North Carolina

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