The Hackers – USA, 1987 – reviews

‘A twisted mind is a terrible thing to waste.’

The Hackers is a 1987 American horror feature film written [as J. Samuels] and directed John Duncan (Black River Monster).


The Camelot Studios production was released in 1988 and stars Howard Coburn, Dale Caughel, Steve Pricharo and Michelle Rank.


Marcie, a young woman, is offered the chance to stay a few weeks at a country estate while the family that own the place are on a trip away.


Meanwhile, Pa Hacker and his two simpleton sons are on a killing spree in the local vicinity. When the Hackers arrive on the scene to do some repair work, a terrifying chain of events takes place with a shocking ending…

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“Compared to other SOV efforts from this time, this has decent acting from the leads (some of the “victims” on the other hand… whew!), a minimum of flubbed lines, a high enough body count and enough cheap bloody moments to please fans of this stuff. There’s even a silly theme song (“Just slash ’em, bash ’em, trash ’em! Throw another corpse in the pile!”). A few of the scenes are half-baked and seem unfinished.” The Bloody Pit of Horror


The Hackers is basically a poor man’s Mother’s Day. Think about that for a minute, let it marinate, are you really sure you want to watch a movie that wishes it was as good as… Charles Kaufman’s Mother’s Day? Yeah, I didn’t think so.” Hollie Horror,


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“There really aren’t any characters to root for either, because the Hackers are antagonists, and the girl is rushed into the story so fast it’s impossible to see her as a likable character. The gore effects were much better than I expected, though. There are a few pretty good severed heads and other forms of machete mayhem on display, but nothing too gutsy.” James Oxyer, Obscure Cinema 101



Cast and characters:

Howard Coburn – Pa Hacker
Dale Caughel – Arnie Hacker
Steve Prichard – Eldon Hacker
Michelle Rank – Marcie
David Duncan – Hitchhiker 1
Laura Forbis – Hitchhiker 2
Bruce Phillips – Gardner
Rick Robbins – Mr. Anderson
Mareena Henry – Mrs. Anderson
Jill Sutter – Bridge Girl
Larry Sieter – Fisherman
Ralph Dove – Bar Heckler
Bruce Parraghi – Store Manager
Dave Hall – Detective Hall
John Hurley – Policeman
Denise Ferris – Angelia
Ann Alexander – Bar Waitress
Chuck Mabe – 1st Hunter
John Duncan – 2nd Hunter

Filming locations:

Croswell and Lexington, Michigan, USA


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