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‘Sex. Blood. Vengeance. And that’s just the first date’

Julia X – aka Julia X 3D – is a 2011 American horror feature film produced and directed by P.J. Pettiette (Jennifer’s Shadow; Bad Dreams storylines) from a screenplay by Matt Cunningham (Decampitated; The Mangler Reborn), The film is based on Pettiette’s story outline. It stars Valerie Azlynn, Kevin Sorbo and Alicia Leigh Willis.


Internet dating has never been more deadly as Julia is about to find out. What starts out as a night of romance ends up being anything but as the man of Julia’s dreams, known only as The Stranger, turns out to be the sort of guy your mother warns you about…

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Trapped in The Stranger’s sights, Julia soon finds out his true identity is not the suave, smooth-talking lover but a sadistic and amoral killer who wants to play a deadly and possessive game.

Branding his victim with an X, Julia is destined to be the next in the long line of ex-dates but unbeknownst to The Stranger, this time he has picked on the wrong girl…


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” … well-wrought generic thriller fleshed out in 3D. The depth is enhanced, as well, by a multi-dimensional plot with doses of cheeky humor and verbal panache, as well as in-your-face visual thrusts that make keen use of the format. Ripped from the news pages of Craigslist killers and Internet predators, Julia X is a twisted concoction of modern-day dating dilemmas, as well as a satiric slant on the “soul mate”- delusions of naïve romancers.” Duane Byrge, The Hollywood Reporter

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” … this is really just yet another dumb slasher movie — sort of. See, it even kind of falters at that level because the body count is rather low … I’d hesitate to call this a good movie, but it’s sometimes clever and entertaining, even if it reads like a freshman year treatise on violence and feminism. Gory, tactless, but not without a keen sense of self-awareness, Julia X is stupid fun at best.” Brett Gallman, Oh, the Horror!

“Three-quarters of the movie become essentially a comedy torture-thriller, filled with humour, vicious attacks and two hot blondes. Whilst it’s mildly entertaining at the beginning, especially with the unexpected twist, it soon becomes a tired exercise with the story lulling in mid-air and leading nowhere fast.” Bat, Horror Cult Films

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” … while much of the action is verbally understated, the violence these people heap upon each other is ridiculous. It’s a staple of the genre, the serial killer as unkillable superhero, but here it’s taken to such an absurd extreme that, once again, I am unsure whether they meant it to be silly, or just don’t understand why this shouldn’t be in a serious movie.” Ben Bailey, Stupid Blue Planet

“The humor falls flat, the cinematography and set design is hideous and cheap (two pipes show up in one of the house’s bedroom more than once, making the set look like a boiler room) and – worst of all – all the characters are unredeemable and hateful. Pettiette’s commentary on the sexes is meaningless, mean and the most misogynistic thing to hit the big screen since Deadgirl.” David Harley, Bloody Disgusting

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“Kevin Sorbo masterfully portrays a twisted serial killer and, dare I say, in a sexy way. In many of these movies we tend to get a lot of useless camera angles. The camera was placed and used perfectly – no wasted motion. The soundtrack, which is scarce as all get out, is used to great effect […] The tone of the movie is dark but is full of twisted and fun dark humor.” Hack Johnson, Horror News

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